Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Cheat Sheet

Just a quick reminder for you of who’s who without the whole bio!


  • Lives in Connecticut
  • Married to Stephen
  • Loves accounting
  • Hedge fund accountant


  • Lives in CO with a roommate, Matt
  • Originally from Rochester & Corning, NY
  • Dating John (lots of weekend visits to Denver)
  • Getting her MS in chemical engineering
  • Currently in grad school

What do we have in common?  Our obsession with Bucknell- where we met each other as well as our best friends in the world as undergrads; our love for all sorts of food, wine, and beer;  our love for running and other fitness-y things; having tons of fun; a passion to learn how to cook;  an interest in trying new challenges; food and exercise for health & fun!

(another bff Katie C, Katie, Kelli)

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I just found your blog, and I’m excited to keep reading! I just moved to PA this summer with my husband!

Comment by Anna

Glad you are enjoying it so far! I will head to yours too!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

So glad you are enjoying our blog! Where is PA did you move to??

Comment by Kelli

Wow, small world! ‘Ray Bucknell ’08! We probably know the same people, too. I love the idea of two people posting on the same blog.

Comment by Tiffany

Hey guys, just came across your blog and am excited to see a double-blog like me and my sister’s! I look forward to keeping up with it 😀 -Claire

Comment by sizzlinsistas

Woo hoo!!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

hehe yay, my sister’s name is Katie. “Katie and Kelly” (or Kelli in this case!) is something I hear all the time 🙂

Comment by Kelly

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