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HEAT WAVE! by Kelli
July 7, 2010, 6:48 am
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If you live anywhere from Washington D.C. to Boston on the east coast you KNOW what I am talking about!  The Hartford area is seeing temperatures we have no seen in about 10 years!

Yes, that says 80*.  At 6:30 this morning.  Last night our bedroom got so hot the Husband actually slept in the basement since it was cooler!  Because of the extreme heat I do not think I will be cooking a lot this week.  Meals will consist of Green Monsters, sandwiches, and cool salads.

This morning, however, I did decide to cook.  I woke up STARVING and decided on an egg white omelet.

My breakfast consisted of

1 Egg

2 Egg Whites

1/2 green pepper

White onion

1 cup spinach

2 Tbsp shredded cheese

Oh man, this made my kitchen HOT!  At the same time I was making some mushrooms to put in a veggie wrap for lunch

I packed up all the ingredients so I can put together the wrap at my desk:

Portobello mushrooms

Green Pepper

Artichoke Hearts




Should be a good day 🙂  I am off to work!  I am enjoying a bikram class after work today.  Although, with this heat I could probably just do some poses in my backyard and get the same effect!


Working It Out by Kelli
June 29, 2010, 10:43 pm
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Happy end of Tuesday!  I hope you all had a wondrous day.  Mine started out hot and sweaty with a workout in my  home made gym!  Here was my workout…

Warm Up

5 minutes on the treadmill @ 3.5 – 5.5 mph


Incline bicept curls- 3 sets of 12 with 8lbs weights

Tricept dips – 3 sets of 15 with my own body weight


5.5 mph for 1 min

7 mph 45 seconds

5.5 mph 1 min

7 mph 45 seconds

4.0 mph 1.5 minutes


Bent over fly – 3 sets of 12 with 8 lbs weights

Bent over row- 3 sets of 15 with 15 lbs weights

Repeat Previous Cardio


Chest Press- 3 sets of 10 with 15 lbs

Push ups- 3 sets of 10

Repeat Previous Cardio

Lunges and squats

8 minute abs video


The whole workout took me just over an hour.  When I was done I was sweaty and ready to dig into a delicious protein filled breakfast…

1 egg, 1 egg white scrambled with mushrooms and onions and hot sauce.  All served with a side of grapes.  My meal was enjoyed out on my back patio, which is quickly becoming my favorite place to enjoy breakfast while looking at my new back yard.

I have really been trying to cook healthy dinners that both the husband and myself like.  He is a pretty picky eater so it has been quite a challenge.  My new goal is to cook an actual dinner (find a recipe, shop for specific ingredients, etc.) twice a week.  If it is a dinner the husband likes he will be able to take for lunch the next day as well.  I will get him to eat healthier and save money!  WOOHOO!  Another goal I have is to spend $150 a week or less on ALL food.  That means groceries, dinners out, and I am even including lunches in that number.  I am confident that by planning ahead and shopping more efficiently I will be able to achieve this goal 🙂

Do any of you have money-for-food budgets?  How do you stick to them??

Dinner was a meal that is quick, easy, delicious, and healthy (4 of my all time favorite words!).

I mix broccoli, walnuts, some parmesan cheese, and about 2 Tbsp olive oil in a casserole dish and roast everything for about 30 minutes.  The broccoli comes out nice and crispy, the walnuts warm, and the cheese melted.  Serve over pasta or brown rice and you have quite a meal 🙂

Delicious, and best of all, MEAT FREE!

All Things Green by Kelli
June 28, 2010, 10:14 pm
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Hey all!  I hope you had a wonderful Monday!  Mine flew by, per usual, in a whirlwind of emails, phone calls, and stress.  No worries though, it was the good kind of stress.  The kind that makes you really motivated to get everything done 🙂  After work I went to my 6:30 spinning class and hit the grocery store.  After texting with Katie I decided something tonight while grocery shopping.  I am going to make this week MEATLESS.  I honestly feel like my digestive track could use a break, and there are also lots of vegetarian recipes I would like to try.  So there we go, this week will be without meat (for me at least.  I don’t think I could ever convince the husband to give up his BEEF!).  At the grocery store I loaded up on tempeh, fresh whole grain bread, beans, and lots of veggies.  My cart was very GREEN!

I came home to something else that was green…

My dining room!  The husband got the first coat of the light green paint done tonight while I was at work, spinning, and grocery shopping!  This man moves at lightning speed.  He also go the entire section of brown wood paneling in the living room painted.  Just so you can appreciate what a difference painting brown paneling has made, here is another before picture:


(Picture taken when the previous owners were still living here)


(This isn’t really an “AFTER” picture.  It’s more like “at the first rest stop on a long decorating journey.”)

I love the beige that we picked out!  It made the room a lot brighter!!  Needless to say, I was very impressed with the husbands progress.  I wanted to jump in and help but I had wanted to start making moves in the kitchen.  I had some plans for more green…

KALE CHIPS!   I have never made these before and am really impressed with how crunchy and delicious they turned out!  I used Kath’s recipe and am in love.  I only ended up using about 1/3 of the kale tonight, so I am looking forward to using the rest tomorrow night!

While these were baking I made two black bean quesadillas.  One for dinner tonight, and one to put in the fridge to take for lunch tomorrow.  I found the recipe in this magazine over the weekend.

Easily the best impulse purchase ever.  This magazine has so many great recipes in it and I cannot wait to try them all!!  Please excuse the mess behind the mag.  With this many re-decorating projects going on at once organization is no where in sight!

Well I am off to bed.  I am waking up early for a workout in AM in my new home gym 🙂 .

New Workout. by Kelli
June 28, 2010, 1:24 pm
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Hey all!  I hope you are having a great Monday 🙂 .  Mine is flying by!  I am excited to post about my new workout schedule.  During marathon training SO much of my workouts were dominated by intense cardio and long runs.  I am excited to concentrate on speed and strength for a change.  And here :::drum roll please::: is the new schedule…

Monday: The return of my FAVORITE 6:30 PM spinning class!  SCORE!!!

Tuesday: An interval cardio workout with full body toning weights.  I will be changing this up week to week and I’m excited to put my own workouts together!  The cardio will total 3-4 miles of sprinting and slow jogging.

Wednesday: Bikram yoga.  Thank you God 🙂

Thursday: A longer run (between 4-6 miles) and lower body toning/weights.

Friday: 6AM spinning.  I went to this class last week and really love the instructor!  Score!  I will also do upper body toning/weights after spinning.

Saturday: Bikram yoga or a longer run (between 7-10 miles)

I am really excited about this new workout plan.  It is funny to think that 6 months ago I was really excited about marathon training and really wanted to focus 100% of my time on running.  I think it just goes to show the importance of switching up your routine so you are always excited about what you are doing!!  Have a great Monday!

Post Marathon Life by Kelli
June 10, 2010, 7:39 am
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Hey all!  I hope you are having a lovely week!!!  I cannot believe it’s already Thursday!!  That is probably because I am only working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week 🙂 .

I am slowly starting to get back into a new routine after spending so many weeks some what obsessed with marathon training.  Especially in the last 5 weeks or so my life has completely revolved around marathon training.  Blocking time for long runs on the weekends and runs throughout the week, increasing my portion sizes to help control my uncontrollable hunger, and going to bed super early due to the exhaustion.  I was looking forward to a less intense schedule, but last night I started to wonder…  Whats next??

Whats next for food?  My portion sizes will need to shrink because I simply do not NEED that much food anymore.  I will also be able to re-introduce things like dairy and beer during the week (REALLY looking forward to that one 🙂 ) .

Whats next for exercise?  I am looking forward to going to spinning and Bikram yoga classes again.  But I also do not want to lose a lot of endurance when it comes to running.  I have always been a slow runner, so I think I will work on speed next.  I want to get my 5K time down to 30 minutes or under.  I also am looking forward to strength training.  My strength training took a back seat when I got heavily into marathon training, and I’m looking forward to getting toned all over!!

Has anyone out there run a marathon??  Did you have trouble adjusting to a regular exercise and eating schedule afterward??

20 Miles. Done and Done. by Kelli
June 1, 2010, 7:28 am
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Hi friends. So, I did it. I did my 20 mile training run and I am on my way to taper land. Taper land sounds like a wonderful place and I am really excited to dive right in.

The 20 miles took me 4 hours and 3 minutes. Needless to say, I had a lot of time to think. I was running on a beautiful paved trail and was able to get into a very zen state of mind very early in the run. I got to thinking about how a long run like this is kind of like marriage (Ok, I understand if you want to stop reading now. But seriously, bear with me). Here is how I think the break down goes…

Miles 1-5: “The Honeymoon.” Wow! I love this! This feels great! we have plenty of money from the wedding (running equivalent= energy)! We have sex every night! Even when we have a headache! Lots of spooning! Yay marriage and running!

Miles 6-10: “The Routine.” You have fallen into a nice routine with your new spouse. Wake up, go to work, work out, eat dinner together, watch your usual shows on TV, bed. The routine is nice and easy and comfortable. Sometimes it gets a little boring, but you can always mix it up with a little dance party! On your run you have fallen into a nice pace and you are feeling pretty good. You get bored sometimes, but hopefully you have some distractions such as music and nice scenery.

Miles 10-15: “The First Fight.” You have stopped being polite. You have both fallen into your respective bad habits (ie: leaving the damn toilet seat up). You might realize you really don’t like the same TV (hopefully you knew this before you got married). And its inevitable, you will have your first big fight as a married couple. You might yell and you might get your feelings hurt. You end up discussing it, pushing through it, and everything is ok once again.  And who doesn’t love make up sex?!?!

Miles 16-18: “The Unemployment” miles.  As many of you know Stephen lost his job lats year and was out of work for close to 6 months.  It was hard.  Like really hard.  We ended up living with Stephen’s parents for a little while.  And even though I appreciated having a place to live, we pretty much turned into really good roommates rather than husband and wife.  Miles 16-18 were tough, like really tough.  I hit a major wall and starting counting my steps out loud in order to get through each painful step.  But just like that brief period of unemployment, I pushed through and took everything minute by minute, sometimes even step by step.  But in this run, just like in my marriage, when you get to the other side of any VERY difficult situation your legs, and your relationship, will feel better than ever.

Miles 18-20: “Buying your first house.”  There is no two ways about it, this is a HUGE milestone!  When I first got my training schedule I remember circling the 20 mile week.  It seemed like a unattainable goal.  When Stephen did not have a job, a house seemed like an unattainable goal.  It’s crazy the difference a year can make.  Especially since we closed on our first house the night before my 20 miler 🙂 .

So there it is!  I did it!  20 MILES!!!  Marathon, here I come!!!

A Bit Mental by Katie
May 26, 2010, 1:11 pm
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Last night at track practice, our coach invited a professional runner motivational speaker.

She talked about visualization and positive thinking as keys for any run, though especially long distance where the mental factor is key to a successful race.  Positive begets positive.  I think this is true for many if not all areas of life but especially for a physical task. I mean, it’s almost always easier to walk than run and I can stop at any time but… well, why?! If I don’t need to!


One tip I liked was to have a few time goals in mind.  First, the time that would happen if all the stars aligned, you were well rested and at race pace, there were no injuries, and you hydrated and fueled, etc.  The second goal should be training pace, which is technically slower than race pace.  If it’s windy or maybe a knee is acting up but not quite hurt, this might be more reasonable.  Last, a “just finish” goal, in case the weather is way beyond any training conditions or you’re sick or injured.


Another point she touched on is to stay in the moment.  Try not to think about after the race, or the next 20 miles ahead (yikes).  If it’s hard to focus, then count something quicker than miles- like number of spectators drinking beers!


My stepdad taught me to “look at where I want to go and not at the rocks I don’t want to hit” when mountain biking, and I think that’s a good carryover in terms of running: “think of what you want to do, not what you don’t want to do.”  Don’t think about walking (unless of course your strategy is run/walk!), don’t think about how you might puke, don’t think about how you’re bad at hills.

Boulder!! 079

Oh and how she ended this talk?  Just casually mentioning that she was one of the first women pushing to allow women to run in marathons.  I didn’t realize women were barely allowed in any marathons until the late 70s and a women’s marathon event was not added to the Olympics until 1984!! That’s not that long ago!  My personal favorite reason that women were banned?  Their uterus might fall out on those long runs!  Or it means we want to be men.  Riiiiiight.

joan_benoit_231701aJoan Benoit winning the 1st Olympic Women’s Marathon

Jane Welzel, our speaker, was a professional marathon runner for years and now has a sports psychology practice, specializing in treating athletes with eating disorders. The article is true, she still does Tuesday night track workouts in Fort Collins— I’ve been there the last few months!  She is the 4th from the left, and this is not my running group!

running_Jane Source

Her and her sister used to travel all over the country to find marathons they were allowed to run in.  Her sister helped organize a fundraiser for an all-women half-marathon in Maine called “One Lucky Man” (don’t google that phrase, I warned you).  Any man that wants to run pays $10 to enter a lottery and one is selected to run with all women!  Once I move back to the east coast I want to participate, especially if I’m in Boston.

Learning all the history about women’s running made me want to run more. Another reason to cross that finish line!  What motivates you?