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It’s The Thesis’ Fault! by Katie
June 17, 2010, 11:44 pm
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Well, well, well look what the cat dragged in.  I’m here! Promise!  So Kelli and I are both having a big, milestone-y month leaving our poor blog in the dust.  Both of us ran our first marathon, Kelli bought her first house and I’m defending my first master’s thesis next week (hope it’s my only one).  Aw, look at us getting all growed up.

My computer has become a thesis addict, forgoing any normal blog/twitter/facebook activity.  It took John’s much nicer, newer, faster computer down with it.

This evening at 6 PM I handed over my first draft!  Thesis 1.0 is in the house!  I’m giving myself a break for the evening but I’ll be back at it tomorrow: editing, improving, and doing some last minute statistics (which is the best part of science….no).   I promptly sighed a sigh, drove the hour back to Denver, ate Chipotle, and poured a glass of wine.

It’s not a sparkling variety per se but has a bit of fizzy to it.  I like it for a schweaty summer night.

In terms of the thesis-ing, it’s the best I’ve ever planned for and handled anything close to this magnitude.  There have been no nights later than midnight (though I have been up at 5 or 6), no tears, no breakdowns, and no panic modes.  When I started regretting the extra day in San Diego and playing shoulda woulda coulda, I stopped myself and thought some positive thoughts about how it was in the past and anxiety over it now would not help the past. This is big for me… ask any of my closest friends or mom.   Let’s see how the next week goes before I toot my horn too much.

Last Saturday, I prepared for the week, went to the farmer’s market, and got good-for-me snacky food ready.

In.Love. All Coloradans, try it now!

I’ve been sticking with lots of vegetables and light meals/lots of snacks to keep myself from getting post-lunch sleepiness.  Plus, I just like to graze all day when I’m working at “home” (John and I are house- and dog-sitting for some friends this week).

Local greens, local tomato, local goat cheese!  Plus some Italian dressing and turkey.

Hm, maybe sticking to all these nice, healthy eats has something to do with my focus and low stress levels?  Maybe!

I think these two and their relaxed attitudes have helped me out too.

Now I’m going to go relax on the couch like this and go to bed EARLY!

Running in Snow… In May by Katie
May 12, 2010, 12:12 am
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On Sunday, my aunt had a mini heart attack when I mentioned I hadn’t gotten new shoes during training.  It was a good point- especially since I’ve suddenly had knee pain for the last two weeks.  Same model, new (awesome) color… and there goes 5 months of not using my credit card, dang!  But protecting my knees is a worthwhile investment.


I tried them out today at a track workout with Team in Training people: 400 meters (1 lap) marathon pace/ 400 meters 5k-ish pace.  For 5 miles, or 20 laps.  I almost didn’t go due to the weather forecast but very glad I made it. It’s incredible how fast and easy these miles flew by compared to my run last Saturday.

Shoe report: No blisters, and miraculously, NO knee pain!!

Stomach report: I’ve avoided dairy and spicy food the past two days since I knew track would be hard.  My stomach didn’t hurt at ALL.

Weather report:


That disgusting picture was too funny not to show.  Something looks really disproportionate to me.  Anyway, if it weren’t for my hat (um by the way, running with a hat or visor is genius= tunnel vision to keep focused), I’d have mascara streaming down my face.

During the run it rained, got really windy, started to hail, went back to rain whipping in my face, started to wet snow, hail, and so forth.  I won’t lie- 5 miles in that shiz at a 8:45 average, I feel kind of running-bad-ass.

I immediately stripped down (in my car, bad weather is really good for foggy windows) and put on a fleece and sweat pants.  No idea how I had the foresight to bring more clothes but saved me since I had to stop for a few groceries.  And also some wine I suddenly felt I deserved.


A hot shower, a ton of water, cozy sweats, stir-fry, and a glass of wine later.. I’m a new woman!


I’m trying to use up all the food in my cupboard and brown rice is something I have a lot of.  What goes with rice?  Stir-fries are so nice and easy: throw whatever vegetables I have on hand in a big frying pan or wok, add tamari/soy sauce/ peanut sauce/ teriyaki sauce, cook meat in another pan (beef in the top photo, chicken in the one below), and throw it all together to finish cooking.


Alright, I’m going to pretend I didn’t just see my car covered in snow (real) and dream of being on a beach!

Does anyone have a delicious kidney bean recipe (I have more than one can to use)?

Cauliflower Power Curry by Katie
March 30, 2010, 11:57 pm
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At breakfast I was rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ down the almond butter river… letting the AB melt on the hot oats makes it last longer as it spreads over more oats.  More bites with AB equals yummier oats.


Some coffee helped me buzz through a bunch of work and then I rolled on over to Chipotle for lunch.


Pile of guacamole equals fats, albeit healthy fats, but the gall bladder doesn’t discriminate.  Right now that means pain (although any emotion makes me cry, I have a high physical pain tolerance) and some stomach troubles.  Post-surgery my body will have to adjust to digesting foods with fats and it’s suggested to do this trial (and hopefully not error) at home and um, near the loo.

After running a bunch of errands and cleaning, I ate some PBJ toast and eventually made my way to track practice!


Track included:

  • Mile warmup @ 9:10/mile pace
  • 3 x 800 (aka 0.5 mile) @ 7/mile pace
    • Side note: didn’t know I had that in me!
  • Tempo mile @ 8:50/mile pace
  • Mile cooldown @ 10:00/mile pace

I should have done more of the 800s but missed the group heading out to warm-up and had to do that first. Still pretty happy with my speeds!

A cucumber + balsamic simple salad helped tide me over ‘till dinner warmed up.


Way before track practice (love saying that… I feel 10 years younger. OMG, was I really in high school 10 years ago??? Crazy.), I started prepping this cauliflower Indian dish I saw on What’s For Dinner a week ago.  It is VERY fast for me to make a recipe so close to seeing it but  I just couldn’t wait!

A few substitutions were made.  Instead of 3 white potatoes, I used 2 Russet and 1 sweet potato.  Something about sweet potatoes and Indian spices just works.


I did start off with a whole onion as the recipe calls for.


There was a delicious picture of spices and a complex list in Mara’s version but in a “I’m moving in 2 months so I should use what I have” type of logic, I went with red curry paste (substitution #2).  Totally not the same flavor as aloo gobi though, which doesn’t contain curry powder.  Plus this curry is Thai and not Indian… so it was a poor substitution and a completely different flavor.


Coconut milk, tomatoes, and onions swimming around together.


A head of cauliflower, a drained & rinsed can of garbanzo beans, 2 Russet potatoes, and 1 sweet potato later.


Much later (definitely over an hour), after simmering away and absorbing curry.


While my “substitution” might have turned this into a different dish altogether, it was still flavorful and delicious.. thanks for the inspiration Mara!


Unfortunately, after having a few too many bites to “test” it, I wasn’t very hungry once the rice was ready (not that I even needed rice).  I did enjoy a small bowl with some wine on the side.


To bed with me!

Weathering a Weekend by Katie
March 21, 2010, 2:05 pm
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Between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, the weather went from this:


To this:


Saturday was equally chilly but sunny and today, Sunday, it is already in the 50s.  Just one last storm I suppose!   Friday morning was a boring morning getting things done at the hospital and not being allowed to eat until almost noon.  I’ve always had some digestive issues but it’s been really bad the past few weeks.  It’s never been pegged on anything until now- my gall bladder is looking suspicious!  Friday was filled with non-pictured leftovers and going to bed super early so let’s skip onto Saturday shall we?

I started my day with a nice 7 AM run on a snow covered trail.  The run was for 2 hours, 15 minutes and with stopping for gel and water at the turnaround, and again for water on the way back in, I ran about 13.5 miles (splits were around 9:30 plus the stopping and a few slow spots where we were literally in 6 inches of snow)!  Here is how those miles went:

  • Mile 1:  Why oh why did I do this???? (This first mile must have been covered with extra snow from drifting, plus it was 17*.)
  • Mile 2-4: Okay I’m warming up, this isn’t so bad.
  • Miles 4-6.3: Oh hey stomach, nice of you to join me, why are you so angry at me?  Just make it to the half way point.
  • Miles 6.3-9.9: I think I just time traveled, how did that go by so fast???
  • Mile 10-12:  I need new socks. I’m fading a little, maybe some musical inspiration will help.
  • Mile 12-13.5: This is so hard I can’t do it, I want to stop… yikes getting worked up and almost crying is really bad for breathing, okay deep breaths, stop being so dramatic, think of all the people that would love to be able to run and can’t. I’ve got this! Running through snow is kind of bad ass right? Oh my gosh, I’m so tired, my feet are so cold, alright! I see the end of the trail!!!

Basically, I didn’t know I could experience that many emotions in 10 minutes.

After getting back, I immediately had a big bowl of banana PBJ oats.


It warmed me up from the inside.  After the long runs everyone says things like “Don’t you feel so accomplished!? And now you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want!”  After a long run like that, all I want to do is stretch, ice, elevate my legs, and nap.  Plus I’m so exhausted by 9 PM I’m ready for bed! I do feel accomplished but it definitely interferes with my weekend.

I’m pretty sure my regular argyle knee highs (what? not everyone has those?) are just like compression socks.  They felt great on my legs.


I napped for a little bit and then John and I did some grocery shopping and had snack time (we waiting till 4:30 to break out the wine ;))- Blue Moose salsa, guacamole, and some Irish Porter Cheddar.




John joined Mondo Vino’s monthly wine club this past week.  This entails 2 bottles (a red and a white) each month for 3 months at $75.  Plus, other select bottles are 15% off and all bottles are 10% off.  This French Chardonnay wasn’t as buttery as many chardonnay’s but did have some oakiness.

IMG_0991 IMG_0989

For a late dinner, we wanted sushi.  For some reason, the guac made me think of wasabi and then sushi obviously came to mind!  Both places we tried were at least a 30-40 minute wait so we wandered around the Highlands area to Bang!

From the street front, you can see the kitchen.  We walked down a little alleyway to the entrance in the back.


The inside was decorated with funky art and paint colors.


After we ordered, they brought some bread and nice, soft butter!


I ordered salmon over jasmine rice, with a cucumber salad and a wasabi sauce (around the edges).


The salmon was very well cooked and delicious.  I ate every bite (well not all the rice, there was more than enough of that).


Afterward, I attempted to go out like a young, fun person in their 20s but ended up driving people downtown instead and going to bed at 11 ;).  Sleep sounded so much better.  I think I’m getting a cold (hm maybe it’s these extreme weather changes!?) so it was for the better.

While John slept off his night of fun, I got a bunch of work done at Common Grounds.  Wow, this coffee is STRONG.  I’m typing so fast!

I also enjoyed a egg,cheese, tomato bagel sandwich once I determined John wouldn’t be up at any morning hour.


Now that it’s in the high 50s, I think I’ll get outside and enjoy this weather!

Baby Bay Scallops by Kelli
March 3, 2010, 8:04 pm
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Hey all! I hope you had a happy hump day! Mine was crazy busy and ended with an hour long conversation on the phone trying to convince someone that I was right and they were wrong. GRR. I won in the end 🙂 woo woo!

Before the argument I enjoyed the exact same lunch as yesterday!  I added some avocado and Laughing Cow cheese.  AMAZING.

After work I came home to make some scallop bean burgers! I combined the following in the food processor:

  • 1 can organic red kidney beans
  • 1.5 cups baby bay scallops
  • 5-6 whole wheat crushed crackers
  • 2 Tbsp A1 steak sauce

I whipped all the ingredients into submission before forming them into patties.

The patty’s of bean and scallop

The sprouts to be roasted

The creepster enjoying a glass of chilled white wine while dinner was cooking.

I baked everything at 375* for 25 minutes.

The finished product. I put one of the patty’s on some whole wheat bread with avocado and laughing cow cheese. OMG taste explosion in my mouth. The taste was awesome. I think the A1 really pulled it all together.

For dessert I enjoyed some fudge tracks ice cream with 2 cherries 🙂 I heart cherries.

I am off to have a nice relaxing evening with the hubby 🙂

Long Runs and Zengo by Katie
February 28, 2010, 2:02 pm
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This weekend went flying by!  I left off on Friday and didn’t post all yesterday.  It was a nice little mini break from the blog world.  I’ve been reading so many moving posts in honor of NEDA week and hope to post about all the thoughts going on in my head soon.  For now- the blog world is amazing.

Dinner Friday night was veggie pizza at John’s parents.  It was also lunch on Saturday, and possibly dinner tonight.  Over-order anyone?


Early to bed and early to rise for an hour and a half run on Saturday morning.


I’m really surprised that I am so comfortable at a 9:30 pace.  I can chat and my muscles aren’t sore the following day, which are two good signs!  The past two weeks, I’ve run with the same woman, who keeps an excellent consistent pace.  This run was on a mostly dirt trail (my knees say “YAYYYYY”) with some icy/snowy patches that slowed us down here and there.

  • Mile 1- 9:35
  • Mile 2- 9:25
  • Mile 3- 9:22
  • Mile 4- 9:29
  • Mile 5- 9:28
  • Mile 6- 9:37
  • Mile 7- 9:33
  • Mile 8- 9:23
  • Mile 9- 9:35
  • Last 0.75 miles- 9:36

During the last 15 minutes, I was ready to be done.  I’m thinking since my pre-run snack is small (toast and PB), around an hour might be where I need a boost- electrolytes, goo, raisins, something. I’ll be trying out some different brands to see what my stomach likes.


Post-run, I iced and elevated and then wrapped my legs in an ace bandage a bit later.  They were feeling achy all over- no major pain, but I think having to get in the car for awhile after running caused a little swelling.


After an hour of elevating and snoozing. I felt great! Just in time for dinner with friends.  Oh I sort of skipped most of the day there- I didn’t take pictures but had some leftover pizza, a bowl of granola, almonds, orange juice, a Kind bar… so running makes me hungry!

Before our 8:30 dinner reservations at Zengo, we all sampled this beer- wow, very espresso-y and oak-y! It would have been better as a dessert beer, but I liked it! It was super dark, almost black, with a foamy head that looked like hot chocolate.


Some wine was also opened and sampled.  This had a very recognizable blackberry flavor but the general body wasn’t very sweet.  Everyone enjoyed it (more so than the beer I think).


For dinner, we had reservations at Zengo, a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant featured for 5280 Restaurant Week.  I didn’t take any pictures (I left my batteries in the charger :()!   My first course was an Angry Zengo roll– I really need to eat sushi more, I love it so.  It was spicy and delicious.  My second course was salmon which had this warm bacon sauce over the potatoes and broccolini- the best part (the bacon sauce, not the broc)!!  Lastly, I had a chocolate mousse cake for dessert that was VERY rich.  It was good, but I probably wouldn’t order it again.

This morning, I slept in a little and then made a filling bowl of oats.  I’m going to get some things done and then meet-up with my uncle to watch the Canada vs. USA hockey game!


Tex-Mex Kitchen Staple Salad by Katie
February 11, 2010, 11:26 pm
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While Kelli watches the Office over in CT, I’m watching 30 Rock out in CO!  Such a hilarious show and so many good lines.  It’s pretty much the only show I keep up on anymore.  Usually John and I watch it on Hulu on Friday so I might watch it again tomorrow, sweet!

Breakfast was some blueberry and banana oats again, this time I added an egg white and the usual suspect peanut butter, which seemed to hold me over much better than yesterday.

I slept in a little (till 7 ;)) so I brought my oats with me.  Parking after 8 AM becomes an intense process of stalking people walking near cars hoping they get in and drive away.  Around 11, I decided to go out with a big group for lunch at 12:45 and dug into a yogurt to hold me over.  I love this flavor soooo much but noticed today that is has 20 g of sugar, which is sad.  Meg on Be Fit, Be Full noticed the same thing today on her cup of yogurt and I read her post right after I read the nutritionals and had the thought to blog about it.  Great minds think alike :).

Lunch was Pickle Barrel and my order included a whole wheat roll, shredded turkey with buffalo sauce, avocado, lettuce, and tomato.   Yes, that is really pale lettuce, not cheese.

This kept me full for hours and hours, which was good since I didn’t bring anymore snacks.  I went straight to the gym afterwards and ran 40 minutes at 10:20 pace.  About halfway through, I remembered I was supposed to be running hills and switched dreadmill settings to hills. Wow.  Great workout!   After some abs and a few lunges and hamstring curls (I attempted leg weight lifting but my muscles are exhausted).

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store for some yogurt.  An older guy told me I looked like I knew what I was doing, picking out yogurt.  He said he hadn’t had yogurt since he was a kid (!) but he was trying to eat healthier and asked for tips.  So excited!!   I explained the difference between the fruity kinds and the plain or Greek versions and he ended up trying some vanilla Greek yogurt.  It made my day!

Anyway, onto dinner.  Easy peasy things-I-had-on-hand Tex-Mex salad.

I sauteed tomatoes and onions with taco spices and added a serving of kidney beans.

Red leaf lettuce..

All together now, with a bit of salsa and Greek yogurt aka sour cream.  Adding some crumbled chips or cheese would make this even better.

Oh yes, and the requisite glass of wine.  I think it will be standard for my Thursdays now since I won’t want any on Fridays (early morning long runs on Saturdays!).

All day, I felt my energy was great- mayjah progress on my project, a phone sesh with a Bucknell alum who worked at a company I am dying to work for (yay networking), a 40 minute run that flew by, a relaxing glass of wine…. What was the best part of your day?