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Two Lives….!!! by Katie
March 12, 2010, 11:03 pm
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Thursday night:



Bug Jar- looks like an upside down kitchen. Not sure how they make them stay!





A Garbage Plate, a Rochester tradition.  It includes fried taters, mac salad, a burger or hot dog, onions, hot sauce, and a big piece of Italian bread to soak up the grease.


After a solid 5 hours of sleep, I enjoyed a classic cheesy egg and toast breakfast.


In the midst of breakfast, my mom came home with this piece of meat.  Not that kind, this kind.  A huge ass piece of corned beef (we’re having 30 people over on Saturday).


I missed capturing lunch but for dinner my mom made homemade mac’n’cheese.


My mom’s best friend brought melt-in-your mouth eggplant parmesan.


And there was some Italian bread with blue cheese garlic butter. Oh yes.IMG_0744

After dinner, we all got to work chopping veggies for tomorrow (remember, 30 people are coming over).  By all, I mean 2 of my mom’s best friends and a few others.

Carrot peels.IMG_0754


My sister chopping the potatoes.



A funny carrot…. and a secret guest.


My mom and her friend Cheryl.


Chop chop



Oh yeah, and there were these.



After all the hard work, we enjoyed some animal therapy.


And tried on outfits for tomorrow… I cannot believe my brother is 18.


Then we remembered breakfast- more chop chop (Patty, my mom, Cheryl).

IMG_0775 IMG_0778

Oh and by the way, Kelli is here.  Yup. The two lives are in one place.  Two lives, one house.  Two lives, one race tomorrow.  Two lives, one bottle of wine.


2-for-1 Ethnic Food by Kelli
February 25, 2010, 9:01 pm
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Well bloggies is official, I’m definitely getting sick.  I woke up still feeling off and NOT hungry at all.  I was going to make eggs, but honestly the thought of them made me feel gross.  So I had an apple, well half an apple.  I had the same feeling all day.  When I went to eat my lunch I just couldn’t stomach it.  I feel ok, but just can’t think about eating food, or smelling it for that matter.  I feel really run down and just blah.  This is exactly how I feel right before I get sick, so its just a waiting game at this point.

I told Stephen how I was feeling and he offered to make my 2-for-1 dish for me (sorry ladies, this one is taken 😉 )  How sweet is that?!  Earlier in the week Katie and  I decided to do an ethnic dish for our 2-for-1 this week.  Since Stephen loves anything chinese I decided to do something a long those lines.  I was THRILLED when I found some chicken with a chinese rub on it.  I did not eat much, but Stephen said it was pretty good 🙂  He also made himself acorn squash!  I was so impressed.

Sorry for the lame 2-for-1 and the lame posts of the past few days.  I am going to crash and hopefully sleep til Saturday when this thing is out of my system.

Please send love.  I need it right now.

2-for-1: Pizza by Katie by Katie
February 5, 2010, 10:45 am
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Whenever I’m  headed home, I inevitably request a pizza night the first day I arrive.  This “night” entails pizza, wine & beer, and relatives coming over to catch up.  My stepdad Bobby has a talent for making homemade pizza- especially the wheat crust, pesto, onion, broccoli version.  I crave the pizza as well as the company that comes with a pizza night while I’m in Colorado.   When Kelli suggested a “2-for-1: Pizza Edition,” I started dreaming up fancy concoctions but ultimately decided to try to emulate my favorite homemade Bob pizza.

I started with a pre-made crust from Whole Foods since my house-wifery skills are far from Kelli’s.  Also, I didn’t have yeast in my kitchen.  And I’m not a wife.

I rolled out half of the dough (with a wine bottle; I lack a rolling pin- further evidence of not being a housewife) and froze half.  The ingredient list was pretty simple, and probably incorporated more grains than I would have ever included.

Bob’s Most Delicious Wheat Crust Pizza uses pesto as a base and like my mom would, I pulled homemade pesto from the freezer (so my kitchen savvy isn’t that bad).  Making and freezing pesto during peak basil season and then pulling it out in the middle of winter adds a freshness to anything.

I started with the addition of broccoli florets and onion, in true Bob pizza fashion, and continued with olives, portobello mushroom, and cherry tomatoes.  Whatever you do, load up on toppings! Vegetable shrinkage is guaranteed.  Over the top, I sprinkled about 1/4 cup of shredded Parmesan and 1/4 c. of Kerrygold Irish Cheddar.  It baked for about 20 minutes at 375°.

I call it “Kitchen Sink Pizza.”  Now in addition to stir-fry, egg scrambles, and pasta, I have another recipe in rotation to use up all the leftover bits of vegetables at the end of the week!

Of course, a pizza night wouldn’t be complete without good company and good wine.  While my “company” included my roommate’s cat, texts with my sister, and a cover letter, I did manage to round out my pizza night with good wine.

This was surprisingly easy to prep and then all I had to do was drink a glass of wine and let it bake.  And while the company of a cover letter was not quite up to par with my mom, Bob, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and puppy,  the pizza gave some reminder of home [35 days!!!!!].


My home laptop computer is 6 years old and not cooperating with posting so here are other eats, beginning yesterday morning.

Oats in an empty recyclable container (OIAERC?).

Turkey, brie, and cranberry on a wheat English muffin and brussels sprouts at lunch:

Wendy’s fries.. say what?  My appetite yesterday was insatiable and it was what I really, really wanted.  I didn’t feel bad about it (well except the part where my stomach pretty much objects to all fried food); I can’t even remember the last time I had fast food fries.

I also snacked on an unpictured apple half and kefir. It’s all about balance ;).  Dinner was the above pizza + salad.

And more vegetable use-up-age in a 2 egg scramble this morning with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and garlic. Gorgeous shades of green.

Served up with an English muffin and jam.

Now onto tons of work!  Bye!

2-for-1 PIZZA! by Kelli
February 4, 2010, 8:38 pm
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Hey bloggies!!!  Only one more alarm clock until the weekend!  woot woot!  If there was one word I had to use to describe today it would be HUNGRY.  I was so hungry all day!  It was insane.

Today started out kinda sad 😦  I kissed the hubby good bye because he was going to Maine for business until Friday. Boo.  I have to be honest though, I was definitely looking forward to some me time.

After the husband left I made some of Jenna’s best pizza dough!

It came out beautifully!  I put this baby in the fridge to set so I could make a delish pizza tonight.

After making the dough I made some eggs for breakfast.

1 egg, two egg white, spinach, cheese, and hot sauce.  I scarfed these down with some pom juice.  Still…  I was hungry…

I had a veggie pita with sweet potato “fries” for lunch.  When I packed this lunch my original plan was to not eat it all and have some of the sweet fries for a snack.  But sadly, I was hungry so I ate it all

The veggie pita had roasted portobello mushroom, red pepper, provolone cheese, spinach, and avocado.  Yum 🙂

And now for the main event…PIZZA!!!!

When I got home from my crazy day at work I couldn’t wait to make a delish pizza and have a nice glass of wine with it.  On ym pizza I put some marinara with provolone and some green squash.

And a special treat with dinner…  Some organic Zin.

After dinner I was really craving something sweet.  So I hopped in “Patty” and went to buy some ice cream!  On my way to the store I got another surprise.  My friend from high school, Molly, called (she also did a reading at my wedding!!!!) saying she had stumbled onto our blog!  SO exciting!  It was so nice to catch up with an old friend.  I feel like Molly and I have one of those friendships where months can go by without talking but as soon as you get on the phone or sit down to lunch it feels like no time has gone by.  That is the mark of a great friendship!!!

I hope you all had a great Thursday!

2-for-1 Tipsy on a Sunday by Kelli
January 31, 2010, 8:58 pm
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Katie and I are roughly 1,500 miles apart but both made the decision accidently got tipsy on a Sunday night.  Personally my weapon of choice was 2 Dogfish head beers with a tiny sushi dinner.  We have been texting and I have a feeling that her was marg’s.  After realizing we both were tipsy we decided to make it a 2-for-1 segment. 

We live lives of attempted balance, and sometimes that balance includes really good alcohol 🙂

2-4-1: Tempeh “Bacon” “Burgers” by Katie
January 19, 2010, 11:36 pm
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Ok, let me begin with the fact that my 2-4-1 recipe selection did not turn out as planned.  I saw tons of recipes out there for fake bacon made with tempeh and since I LOVE bacon, I though it would be the perfect 2-4-1 experiment.

[Sidenote- I hated bacon for years. Then I cooked it for Thanksgiving and the smell overwhelmed me and I started going AT IT.  I also used to hate all seafood, peanut butter, and pickles.  If you haven’t tried a food you “hate” in years, I say give it a go.]

Anyway, I thought what goes good with bacon other than eggs?  Cheeseburgers!  Since I don’t usually buy meat during the week, I decided to use a portobello mushroom as my “burger” with real cheese on top.

I found a ton of recipes but wanted something that involved things that were in my pantry.  I went with this recipe using the spices rather than liquid smoke.  I upped the proportions to cook the whole 8 oz. pack of tempeh.

First up, slice the tempeh.  I used 5-grain tempeh but I would suggest using the non-grain version.  It was tough to slice thinly as it continued to crumble.

I whisked together the “bacon” marinade and then drizzled it over the tempeh strips.  It didn’t flow over the slices so I used a basting brush.  Tip: basting brushes are for the kitchen but work well to touch up dyed hair roots in a pinch.  Just don’t return it to the kitchen. Thanks for that knowledge mom. 😉

Next, I heated up a teaspoon of oil over high heat and tossed the marinated tempeh strips in.  Holy burning tempeh!  If you try this at home, be prepared to flip it rapidly a few times.

Well, the final product looked nothing like the bacon (or the pictures on the blog where I found the recipe)!

Of course I still tried it and the first flavor I noted was semi-bacon-ish, but more just a definite meaty taste.  After chewing, the tempeh flavor was there but not overpowering.  It didn’t taste bad, it was actually good, but it was not bacon-y.

Next, I season my portobello with olive oil + steak seasoning.  I used the basting brush again, it’s just so versatile!

I cooked the portobello and a few slivers of red onion while prepping toasted Ezekiel.  I spread mushed avocado on one slice and dijon mustard on the other.

I sliced up some cheese- notice the little bite marks?  I may have opened this as I sat in traffic for a “sample.”  So hard to resist freshly bought grocery snack attacks, right Allie?

Then in the pan, I topped the upside-down portobello with some “bacon” and smoked gouda slices.

Once the cheese was melty, I transferred the whole “bacon” cheese”burger” to the toasted bread.

I forgot to mention that while the tempeh marinated for a few minutes, I threw some pre-cut frozen sweet potato fries in the oven.

My “burger” and fries:

All in all, a few bites really did taste as though there was bacon.  Maybe the very smokey cheese paired with the almost bacon-y tempeh helped that.

Way back before this semi-failed tempeh experiment, there was some cereal and Kefir before working out, and some salsa and chips post-workout.  The workout was a CRAZY spin class.  The instructor was back after 8 months of maternity leave and just going nuts on the bike.

Goodnight, oh and hi to my roommate Matt, who just discovered the blog :).

2-4-1 Ingredient of the Week: Tempeh by Kelli
January 19, 2010, 9:07 pm
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Hey all!  Happy Tuesday 🙂 Today started out with the awesome wifely duty of making my husband a healthy breakfast.  I made him my world famous (or maybe just “my own kitchen” famous) skinny french toast!  I took a piece of fresh sour dough bread and doused it with egg whites.  It was then grilled and covered in cinnamon.  Smelled amazing.  Stephen was not crazy about it, but I am not giving up in the search to find him a healthy breakfast that he enjoys.

This week for our 2-4-1 feature Katie and I decided to go with tempeh!  She made this last week, and I was pretty excited to try it.  I decided to make quinoa and tempeh stuffed peppers.

I first cubed the tempeh and marinated it in balsamic vinegar along with some shallot and mushroom.  After it marinated about an hour I put everything in the over for 30 minutes at 375 degrees.

While it was cooking I cut and de-seeded on large red pepper and steamed it.  I also simmered the quinoa.

While everything was cooking I enjoyed this lovely beer 🙂

When everything was done baking/steaming/simmering I mixed the quinoa and tempeh mixture together and stuffed each pepper.

I really like the flavor and texture of the tempeh!  I have always been a big fan of tofu, and I think I actually like this better!  It mixed well with the quinoa and all the flavors were excellent together.

And a Ghiradelli mint square for dessert!

Happy Tuesday!!!