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Aunt Laurie’s Rainbow Chard + Bacon by Katie
September 12, 2010, 2:10 pm
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If anyone’s keeping track (we have at least  two regular readers!), Kelli nor I have exactly been on top of this whole blog thing.  There are a lot of updates I want to make but basically anytime I’m in front of the computer I feel obliged to do job search related things.  Then it just got overwhelming how behind I was and I stopped updating at all.  Give up because there is too much to do? Doesn’t sound like me.  Well I got the push I needed.  Last night there were plans for dinner at my Aunt Laurie’s house and around 3 she called.

Laurie: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Me: “Applying to jobs and chasing flies around the house with McSchultz.”

L: “Okay well make sure you bring your camera tonight.”

Me: “Alright… why??”

L: “Because you have a blog you’ve been neglecting and I have beautiful chard!”

It’s true.

Cooked up with some onions and bacon, topped with pine nuts. Please enlarge that picture. Everything is better with bacon!

It was yet another example of how delicious simple and fresh can be with a few ingredients.

Actually, the whole dinner was just that- simple ingredient lists and incredible flavors.  Roasted potatoes with fresh rosemary and chives, roasted broccoli with pickled peppers, roasted beets, grilled pork tenderloin, and skillet cornbread.  Oh have I mentioned Laurie is a good cook?? And shout-out to Uncle Scott’s grill skills.

Thank you for the photo opp, great dinner, and encouraging me to get back on the blog!

Tomatoes and Rice by Katie
July 21, 2010, 6:01 pm
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Simple, straightforward name for a simple dish.  This was my all-time, hands-down, ultimate favorite dish growing up.  I still love it, though I find it tough to decide on a single favorite now.  Outside of my family, I don’t know anyone or anywhere that eats this so let me know if you have because we are probably soul mates.

The steps are simple enough: find good tomatoes and dice them.

Then cover the tomatoes in Italian Dressing and refrigerate.

To make it “perfect” use Wegmans Parmesan Italian Dressing.  But of course with Wegmans far away from me, I can’t always achieve perfection.

The Newman’s Own just did not have enough zesty flavor for tomatoes and rice, though I like it in a salad context.

While the tomatoes marinate and chill, make white rice.  Another key to tomatoes and rice is white rice.  I prefer brown rice for just about anything else except this.  It’s the childhood favoritism coming out.

Finally, cover the hot white fluffy rice with the cold marinated tomatoes.  Enjoy.

To really live it up, have some grilled zucchini on the side.  This was my requested birthday dinner for many years (until I discovered Mexican food and margaritas).

The zucchini was marinated in ground pepper, salt, balsamic vinegar (nice caramelizing), and a really small touch of oil.

What would your “birthday meal” from childhood be?

Mango Fish Tacos by Katie
July 9, 2010, 11:28 pm
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Up front, let me apologize about using my BlackBerry for these pictures.  My camera batteries were charging and I had to take some pictures.  This dinner was so easy, delicious, and great for summer since there was no stove or oven usage.

There is a little cafe in Fort Collins with fish tacos that I’ve become borderline obsessed with. I could eat them for lunch daily.  Since that would get expensive, why not figure it out on my own?

First, I made some guacamole- I think that part is self-explanatory? Avocados + tomatoes + garlic + cilantro + spices.  Then into the fridge it went for flavor marrying purposes.

Next, I made a simple marinade a la Bobby Flay with oil, lime juice, chili powder, and a jalapeño.  I placed a mahi-mahi filet in the marinade and turned on the grill.

After 15 minutes of marinating, the fish went on the grill until the flesh was solid white in color.  This was my first time grilling fish- not too shabby.

Then, John warmed up some corn tortillas on the grill and we topped them with flaked fish, mango salsa (mango, corn, peppers, black beans, garlic… it was made the other day), and guacamole.

Perfect flavor combination!  And since the grill was used, cleaning up was simple. More time to enjoy some porch wine in this perfect 75* weather.

PS- If I were to make this for Kelli, imagine it with shrimp. I do believe shrimp, guacamole, and mango make her top ten favorite foods ever list.

Spring has Sprung by Kelli
March 20, 2010, 6:47 am
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Hi Everyone!  Happy first day of Spring!  I hope you all had a wonderful Friday and are enjoying the start to your weekend.  My Friday was great.  I got to work early and left a little early so I could enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather before the sun went down!

Friday started out with an egg puff on pumpernickel with some BRIE (arguably the best cheese EVER!)

I really did not have much going on at work, and kept  looking out the window longingly.  It was in the low 70’s in central CT yesterday and the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky!  For lunch I decided to got to a deli the husband has recommended (he went to high school in the same town where I work and knows all the good spots) called Pickles Deli.  I saw outside and enjoyed a lovely lunch while reading Shape Magazine.

Amazing chicken salad on whole wheat bread.  Honestly, it was probably the best and most fresh chicken salad I have ever had that was not homemade.  It wasn’t too creamy and there were bits of celery and grapes hidden within the salad.  I am definitely going back to this place!

For dessert I enjoyed a HOMEMADE chocolate and peanut butter cookie.  It was amazing.

When that clock struck 5 I already had my computer shut down and was ready to head out the door (normally I stay until 5:30 or 6, so leaving at 5 was awesome).  I got home and just NEEDED to go for a short run, even though I had a race the next day.  I went for a short 2 miles jog around some close neighborhoods and could not have been happier to be outside!

When I got back I enjoyed a post run beer…

Refreshing 🙂  And then the hubby and I decided to grill again!

Pork tenderloin, brusel sprouts, and zucchini.  AMAZING!!!!  We even got to enjoy our feast outside on our tiny patio again

We are off to see the house we bough!  When we were seeing it before purchase we were not allowed to take pictures.  So today we are going to take measurements and pictures, and Stephen’s whole family is going to come so they can see the new Peters casa.  After that we are off to holyoke, MA so I can run the St Patricks Day 10K with my friend Reid!  It is his first race!!!