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In The Middle… by Kelli
July 8, 2010, 7:37 am
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Morning friends!  Can you believe its already Thursday?  I love 4 day weeks!  This morning I woke up for an early workout in my home gym.  Today I wanted to focus on legs, abs, and sprints.  I completed the following workout in about 45 minutes

Legs, Abs, Sprints

Warm Up

5 minutes @ 4.0 to 4.5 mph


1 minute wall sit

1 minute of lunges

30 seconds of squats

Repeat x 2

(total: 5 minutes)


1 min @ 4.0 mph

30 secs @ 7.0 mph

1 min @ 4.0 mph

30 secs @ 7.5 mph

1 min @ 4.0 mph

(total: 4 minutes)


20 seconds crunches

20 seconds push throughs

20 seconds reverse crunch

20 seconds right oblique

20 seconds left oblique

20 seconds crunches

10 seconds bicycle

20 seconds crunches

10 seconds bycycle

20 seconds reverse crunch

(total: 3 minutes)

Repeat Cardio

Repeat Legs

Repeat Cardio

Repeat Abs

Cool Down

5 min @ 4.0 – 3.5 mph

Phew!  It was quite the workout.  My legs felt like jello afterward, but it was a gooooood feeling.  I am really loving having my own gym.  I get to create workouts that incorporate several different areas of fitness without worrying about “hogging” an area of Golds.

After my workout I sat down for a lovely Green Monster.  I made this one with 1 cup almond milk, 2 cups spinach, 1/2 cup frozen mango, vanilla protein powder

Notice that mess in the background?  That brings me to the “In The Middle” aspect of this post.  In light of Caitlin’s recent post where she celebrated being in the middle of a move, I decided to celebrate being in the middle of renovations.  Instead of being stressed about the state of my house, and worrying about how on Earth we are going to get so much done, I am going to celebrate it…

This room will one day be a den.  I picture a room with no TV, over stuffed couches and chairs, books, magazines, and an all together zen feel.  But right now it is in the middle of our renovations.  It has become the “plunk place”.  Everything that is not organized or just not done yet, goes in this room.  We are in the middle of saving for new furniture, and in the middle of creating a calming atmosphere.

This is the living room.  In the middle of being painted.  In the middle of being decorated.  Just in the middle.

One room that is not in the middle of being changed is the three seasons porch.  I am happy to report that, with a recent furniture purchase, this room is very close to being done.

I really love this end table that I found at Pier 1.

Much of the house is in the middle of being turned into our home.  It is being turned into the place I look forward coming to after work, the place I will spend relaxing weekends, and the place I will want to invite friends to for long girls weekends.  This will be the home where (God willing) I will bring my first child.  This will be the home where I celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and everyday life.  So instead of being stressed out about it, I have decided to enjoy the process of turning this 4 bedroom, cape cod style, brick house into my home.

Blogging for the Better by Katie
April 8, 2010, 10:32 pm
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Before my little hiatus due to surgery and especially now that my eating is a bit limited, I’ve pondered what to do with my space here on Two Lives.  I feel compelled to do the here-is-what-I-ate format because that’s what I initially loved about the blogs I found. But now… I’m not so sure.  Obviously, no one is stopping me from changing it up but I wanted to at least think about my options and fill any readers in.

Something that really got me thinking was Rachel’s guest post on Nutritionista. Her blog is so relatable (okay maybe not for everyone but I like), funny, and I never get bored with it.  I took her points to heart because frankly, I’ve been bored with myself on my own blog space!   I’m pretty sure my writing lacks my personality- I know for a fact I tell better stories in person.  But I love connecting with people and I’m a huge fan of food and drink so that’s why I wanted to blog about it. See- food; happy.


A typical day at work starts with me being semi-productive, then checking NYTimes Health articles/reading comments, then looking at my Google reader, clicking all over on new links, reading away, thinking deep food thoughts, getting back to work, and repeat. Then I come home, throw together some dinner, drink some wine, and read blogs/magazines/more articles.  What I’m getting at is I read some pretty interesting stuff all day and really want to talk about it!  But then I blog away about my food for the day and I’m like “maybe tomorrow, this wine made me tired.”

With a science nerd background, the whole science-y side of nutrition and how what we eat is digested and processed and all that is so appealing and I want to tell people about it!    My research is public health related so the awesome thing is I’m pretty sure I know what I want to go into- public health education or clinical research.  So why not blog about what I’m passionate about? Duh!

When I started to read blogs, I loved the here is what I eat everyday format because I was just coming off calorie counting which made me crazy, just ask my boyfriend, and trying to just eat when I was hungry/ stop when I was full.  Not like I straight-up copied what they were eating but it sure set a good example. However, I’m just not that creative.

Let’s face the facts- in 2 months I will: submit a paper for publishing, finish a thesis project, write about said project, defend a thesis about said project, train for a marathon, complete a marathon, pack up my apartment, and probably 2 months to date, I’ll be driving cross-country to wherever I have a job (or more likely, home).  My non-creative meals are just going to get less creative. Soup, pasta, salad, cereal, cleaning out the cupboards.  I like cooking but a girl can only have so many hobbies at once.

Allllllll this being said, I’m going to just go on the fly and see what happens.  I envision something involving pretty pictures of new recipe trials and some old loves, interesting articles and maybe some science nerd descriptions of why it’s cool, more personality, with some marathon training thrown in. It might make blogging more challenging but hopefully it’ll make it better!  Now, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and let me know if you have any thoughts! 🙂

Speaking of new things, instead of oatmeal or eggs, I made a smoothie this AM.  There were some mushy strawberries I would have gagged on eating so they were perfect smoothie material.



  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Almond milk
  • Frozen blubes
  • Few frozen cherries

I ate some toast too, for something to chew on.

Dinner turned out SO well too, though I just poured a bit of olive oil in a pan, added crushed garlic, leftover broc, and leftover pasta.  Once everything was warm and evenly coated I dove in (that’s what he said?).  Simple goodness. Even better- the olive oil and a sprinkle of cheese didn’t bother the old adjusting liver (it takes over for the GB).


I just looked at the smoothie pics and remembered I froze a portion this AM. Time for dessert!

Chill and Grill by Kelli
March 19, 2010, 6:43 am
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Good FRIDAY morning, bloggies!  I am SO excited its Friday!  We have lots of exciting things planned this weekend!  They include a walk through of our house to take our own pictures and measurements, I am running a 10K on Saturday, and a St Patrick’s day parade on Sunday morning!  Woohoo!!!

The last few days have been pretty busy and incredibly gorgeous outside.  Now that the weather is so nice I think I am realizing I may have had a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder this year.  Since I have battle deprerssion in the past I think I am more prone to being sad in the winter months.  I felt very lonely, even though I live with a fantastic husband, this winter.  I don’t think I even really realized I was feeling that way until I wasn’t.  Makes sense?

So lets more on to the FOOD!

Breakfast has been a few Green Monsters

By the way, I heard from my sister yesterday that my nephew, Alex, loves green monsters!  She makes him baby versions and he loves them.  Here are a few pictures of Alex enjoying the warm weather in his Cozy Coup that Stephen and I got him for his 1st birthday…

What a cutie 🙂

Yesterday for lunch I enjoyed a veggie sandwich on pumpernickle bread at a local deli near my office.  I sat in the sun eating my sandwich and really enjoying myself 🙂  Unfortunately my camera battery had died and there is no picture 😦

After work I headed to the gym for a short 3 miler.  It went by quick and felt great.  On my way home I got the ingredients for the husband and I to GRILL!!!  I love love love gilling and eating outside and this weather just BEGS you to do that…

Tomatoes with olive oil and onion to be grilled for about 4-5 minutes on medium heat

Asparagus to be grilled for about 7 minutes over medium heat.  Sorry for the blurry pic.  I’m really not sure whats wrong with my camera lately…

Porterhouse steaks, grilled veggies, and some beer out on our tiny patio 🙂  The hubby and I ended up staying out there until almost 9:30 chatting about the house and life in general.  All in all, the perfect evening!

Enjoy your Friday everyone!!!

Hola Amigo’s by Kelli
March 4, 2010, 9:25 pm
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Hey all!  I hope you had a great day!  I didn’t get to post this morning due to the fact that I decided to accidently hit the “off” button instead of the “snooze” button on the alarm.  20 minutes past when I was supposed to get up I woke up with a start and ran around the apartment like a crazy woman trying to get ready for work!  I showered, blew my hair dry, put on make up, made and ate breakfast, and put together a lunch in exactly 20 minutes flat.  OMG.  I made it to work on time though 🙂

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of my breakfast (a standard green monster) or my lunch (left overs from last night in a whole wheat pita) or my snack (fresh strawberries).  So this will unfortunately be a very boring food post on this food blog 🙂

When I got home from work I se to work on my chicken tacos that I had planned for tonight!  I cooked ground chicken with some Ortega taco spices.  Then put it on a whole wheat tortilla and with some melted cheddar, avocado, fresh diced tomatoes, and some plain yogurt.

I had 2 🙂 Then 2 hours later I ran 4 miles 🙂  And did a back and chest workouts 🙂 Which included chin up!

Wow I look creepy.  And yes I use a chair to assist me because I cannot do a chin up  by myself.  Don’t judge:)

And I am off to watch The Office Baby come!!!  OMG!

Mushroom And Cream Cheese Burgers by Katie
March 3, 2010, 11:26 pm
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It was just your standard day over here-

Oats for breakfast (1/4 c oats + 1/2 banana + 3/4 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk + handful of frozen blubies + coconut + PB blob)


Leftovers for lunch- beans, peppers, potatoes, brown rice.  Topped with guac and salsa come lunchtime.


Lunch and snacks- I actually didn’t eat my snacks cause someone so graciously placed a bag of Smartfood right next to me.  Needless to say, I ate at least a serving or two.


The weather has been unbelievable and perfecto for running.  Heather asked why we exercise today and I thought about how my reasons for exercising have varied over the years.  I’ve viewed running as a way to get in shape for sports, a way to keep myself relaxed and sane, and as a way to burn calories, sometimes one reason greatly outweighing the others.  Head over to Heather’s Dish to dish about why you exercise.

Along the same vein, training for the marathon has been changing the way I think of running.  I’m all about my pace and heart rate and rarely look at calories.  I’m thinking of food as fuel more than anything else, which is leading to some of the most balanced eating I’ve ever done.  For example, after a run, I think about what I should eat for my body. Not what I should (or shouldn’t) eat for weight-loss; not what would immediately taste delicious (aka French fries and ice cream).  I eat when I’m hungry and try to eat something balanced cause half of the time, I’m going to run within a few hours or I just ran.  Have your views of food ever varied due to training, or maybe due to something like pregnancy?  I’d think that would be another time in life that the food quality would really be front and center.

Speaking of running, today was a 30 minute run, and I went with negative splits.

  • Mile 1– 9:55
  • Mile 2– 9:48
  • Mile 3– 9:34
  • Last 0.2– 8:19 (I have the need for speed)

Tangent off. 😉

After my run, I drank a green monster (bunch of spinach + vanilla almond milk + 1/2 a frozen banana) and caught up on my Tweets.  The important things.


The last time Kelli visited (last MAY?!), I ate a mushroom-cream cheese burger that was to die for.  I’m sort of embarrassed to say that this burger has been on my mind since then and this was my first attempt to recreate it.  A girl can dream [about food] for 9 months right?


I started sauteeing a bit of onion and garlic in olive oil, and then added about a cup of these frozen mixed mushrooms + 2 fresh button mushrooms.  I added a splash of soy sauce and then remembered Kelli’s burger- and added some steak sauce! I added probably 1 Tbsp of each.  After the shrooms were good and cooked, I tossed them into the food processor with 1 TBSP of cream cheese and a few crackers.


I sprinkled in a teeny bit of this gouda.  Lots of grocery stores have these mini cheese samples, and are perfect for sampling, especially when you cook for one.


After grinding it all together, I made a patty and fried it in a bit of butter.  Meanwhile, there was some garlic broccoli cooking (olive oil, garlic, and broc until it’s bright green).


The finished product, with a couple goat cheese crumbles.  Looks close to a real burger, no?


The insides- even more beef-like.


Huhg jass pile of broccoli.


And the sweet potato fries that inspired it all.  Thought process- I want sweet tater fries, what goes with fries? Burger! I have no meat. Mushrooms!


Now, I’m going to relax with a GS Cookie (Samoa) or two and some Malbec. 🙂

Welcome back, old friend by Kelli
March 2, 2010, 7:29 am
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Good morning! Happy Tuesday! I really need to catch up on all of your blogs. I feel like instead of clicking my saved blogs each time I get on my computer I am on Remax or Century 21 looking for houses to tour! House hunting is a full time job. We have focused on searching for “the worst house on a great street” type of deals. Stephen is so handy that we could really fix up anything. I would like to focus on being in a good neighborhood and in a good school district. I am secretly looking for places with horrible kitchens so that I can design and build my dream kitchen 🙂 sneaky sneaky!

Last night I finally got to the grocery store for some veggies for the week. Since it was late I did not get the full order, and plan on shopping for the rest tonight. I did have a chance to get banana’s and spinach. That only means one thing in my mind, green protein shake!

I havn’t had one of these babies in almost a week. They have really become my favorite breakfast! They fill me up and keep me going until lunch. I rarely have time in the morning to munch on a snack and I usually don’t get to eat lunch until around 1PM (I dont mind though, it makes the afternoon go by much faster!) so I need something that sticks to my ribs. These protein shakes do just the trick 🙂

I also picked up some whole wheat chiabatta bread last night. I spiraled some veggies this morning so I could put together a nice veggie sandwich with hummus for lunch. I’m still debating what I’ll pack for a snack… hmm…

Thank goodness I am going to the grocery store for the full order tonight. I used the last of this stuff this morning…

Wow, I honestly cannot live without this now! I mix 1/2 cup with 1/2 cup of vanilla soy milk and nuke it for 2 minutes. Its a great warm drink for the morning to give me a little caffeine jolt 🙂

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Mardi Gras Sneak Peak by Katie
February 24, 2010, 1:23 am
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I am so supah late in my posting. I went from 2-3 posts a day to a straggling, hopeful 1.  Blame it on the ca-a-a-a-amera (points if you get that reference).

Breakfast was oats.. always the most unoriginal.  This morning, I decided that adding the blueberry Kashi cereal would be fab addition to blueberry oats. FAIL.

Depending on my hunger level, I sometimes wait until I get to the office to eat my breakfast (it’s like a 10-15 minute drive + 10 minute walk).  Well, Kashi gets soggy in that time period.  Since breakkie was so dang early, a snack was in order.

I know there are some un-fans of this stuff, but I kinda like it.  One minute, there is sweetness from the vanilla and the next minute, there is complete Greek yogurt tanginess.  It’s much better very cold than after it sits on your desk for a few hours…

Lunch: I swear I took a picture- where did it go?  I had a Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake.  It’s that time of the month… not that time.. but I mean the time where I try to eat things I find stuffed in the freezer/back of the cabinet.  I’m in grad school and get “paid” with a “stipend” once a month; it is week #4.  During lunch, I watched McShultz (family puppy) via webcam at his first day of doggy day care.  They have live feed ALL DAY- distraction!!!! Good thing he is only going a day or two a week.  It was the worst video feed, but it totally made my day.  Can’t wait to see this cutie pie!

Around 3, I decided leaving early to run outdoors was a wise decision.  Since I arrived at 7 and worked through lunch, that is technically a full work day right?? Too bad grad school advisors aren’t on the flex time schedule.  I accidentally ran for more than my assigned 40 minutes since I got a little lost. It all felt great though!

Info from Garmy:

  • 50 minutes
  • Average speed of 5.8 mph

Since I didn’t stop the Garmin for my cool-down, these are a little skewed… My average pace while running was around 9:40 and I stopped running at about 46 minutes.  I hate how a few minutes of walking skews the overall pace so much.  Gosh darn my competitiveness.

It was a dirty, dirty run.  Up ’til now, I’ve maintained the newness of my shoes but I led them through slush and mud today.  Somehow I got a cut?

After stretching, my knees got some ice action and my mouth got some Green Monster action.  In the mix:

  • 2-ish cups of spinach
  • 1-ish cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 a frozen banana
  • really small hunk of avocado (a few TBSP)
  • handful of frozen blueberries

See the blubes?  The avocado made this ULTRA thick.  And unless you like really “green” tasting monsters, I recommend adding something. I can choke down something that is “healthy-tasting” but if you are a skeptical-about-green-smoothie virgin, I don’t suggest this guy.

After all this, I put on my party pants!  My roommate is the general manager of a local theater Bas Bleu, and tonight was their annual fundraising Mardi Gras event.

I will do a in-depth recap tomorrow but I’ll leave you with a teaser.

Why does it look like I’ve consumed 12 glasses of wine prior to any wine drinking?? And why does my dress look wet??  Okay okay, a better teaser pic- tiramisu.

In reality, it was white, but the green and pink lights were making for some interesting photos!  It was a very fun night with lots of delicious food and great music… stay tuned. 😉