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Beer. by Katie
October 6, 2010, 7:14 pm
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If there is one topic many food, recipe, running, health, or whatever (trying not to put a label on here.. ahem) bloggers don’t touch on, it has to be beer.  Sure there are excellent beer blogs and excellent food and health blogs, but I haven’t seen much common ground (except here! and some here! oh and she really loves her beer!).  By beer we should discuss, I’m referring to craft beers- Sam Adams and smaller.  I think we’re missing out in this blog community by ignoring beer; those of us who appreciate quality flavors and innovative recipes.  I can appeal to the political foodie as well in that craft beers are more like going to the farmer’s market than supporting subsidized corn.

Once in awhile I see beer appearances on blogs with the the majority consensus seeming to be that beer was for frat parties and men, never for a classy woman who was interested in maintaining a figure sans beer belly.  Natty Light has a special place in my heart but believe me, the beer I drank in college was not for the flavor.   (Dear relatives, I hope you’re not as shocked as my mom that I drank beer a lot in college). These days, I enjoy a beer most nights and without posting a picture of my belly because that would be weird, I assure you I’m not looking anything close to that guy from Animal House.   And I’m pretty classy some of the time, I think?

So here we start.  Take the beer at the top of the page.  Since it is a craft beer, you might not be able to find it as it’s a smaller brewery.  No worries, look for your own local “English Strong Ale.”   Don’t stop reading because you don’t know what that means! I bet at one point, you couldn’t tell wine varieties apart, or squash varieties… but you can learn, right?

Okay so when you’re reading a beer description or trying to come up with your own, there are two major words to know: hops and malts.  Here is a really basic description of these flavors. If you ever taste a beer and it is kind of bitter or smells a bit floral and herbal to you: hoppy.  If it has more of a sweet flavor or earthy smell: malty.  These are really basic, and I have a harder time describing malty.  But try a beer, Google it, and think about the description.  Soon enough you’ll discern the flavors they talk about.  This Ubu Ale has more distinct maltiness than hoppiness aka it’s a little on the sweet side but pretty well-balanced in flavors which makes it taste pretty mild.

Have you tried this beer or another English Strong Ale? What do you think?  Is anyone receptive to beer learning?!


*Disclaimer: This is my own beer taste bud views and I am not a professional beer drinker although that would be a cool job.

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Great post! Since my husband is a homebrewer, I’ve been learning lots about beer. Good beer is such fun to learn about and drink!

Comment by Emily

I totally enjoy a good glass of beer after a long run or a race 😛 I don’t like cheap crappy beer, but I do love going to beertastings and trying all the fruity delicious beers and hard ciders. I try to eat healthy and work out… so I can indulge in some good wine or beer or decadent food 😛

Comment by Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex

I think that rum is greatly under appreciated in the blog world as well. Okay… so not quite the same, there aren’t really artisan rums or craft rums. I’ve never really liked beer but that’s probably because of accidentally drinking some when I was six. I thought it was apple juice.

Comment by Kendra

Well rum certainly has my appreciation in other ways as well! I’m sure there is a artisan rum maker somewhere, really, there are whiskey makers like that. About the beer episode… perhaps another try with something tasty! Start off with something fruity maybe?

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Katie!! Let me know if you can run the Tufts 10K on Monday! Registration ends on Sunday at 9am. It’s seriously the most amazing race! And I’d love to meet you! 🙂


Unfortunately no interview brought me to Boston this weekend!! Good luck!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Beer is definitely under-appreciated, and I love trying new types of craft beers. I’ve been loving apricot ales this summer, but broke into fall this week with a Victory Festbier. (Victory is a great Philly-area brewery that distributes on both coasts.)

Comment by Kathleen

Yes! I’ve had a few Victory beers, I’ll look for this one. Nice to “meet” you!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

I am a BIG beer fan–my favorite brew is a porter. I really don’t get why so many girls don’t love dark beers. It’s like coffee/dark chocolate in beer form!

I actually had Ubu ale for the first time this summer while I was on vacation at Lake Champlain!

Comment by Christine

Porter is my favorite as well, but I’ve noticed a lack of it being sold in Upstate NY. I mean it’s there, just not in the same quantities as ales and IPAs. You’re so right about it being chocolate/coffee/warming/amazing! And I just clicked through to your blog (gorgeous pictures) and wanted to say I am a ChemE too!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

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