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Beer. by Katie
October 6, 2010, 7:14 pm
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If there is one topic many food, recipe, running, health, or whatever (trying not to put a label on here.. ahem) bloggers don’t touch on, it has to be beer.  Sure there are excellent beer blogs and excellent food and health blogs, but I haven’t seen much common ground (except here! and some here! oh and she really loves her beer!).  By beer we should discuss, I’m referring to craft beers- Sam Adams and smaller.  I think we’re missing out in this blog community by ignoring beer; those of us who appreciate quality flavors and innovative recipes.  I can appeal to the political foodie as well in that craft beers are more like going to the farmer’s market than supporting subsidized corn.

Once in awhile I see beer appearances on blogs with the the majority consensus seeming to be that beer was for frat parties and men, never for a classy woman who was interested in maintaining a figure sans beer belly.  Natty Light has a special place in my heart but believe me, the beer I drank in college was not for the flavor.   (Dear relatives, I hope you’re not as shocked as my mom that I drank beer a lot in college). These days, I enjoy a beer most nights and without posting a picture of my belly because that would be weird, I assure you I’m not looking anything close to that guy from Animal House.   And I’m pretty classy some of the time, I think?

So here we start.  Take the beer at the top of the page.  Since it is a craft beer, you might not be able to find it as it’s a smaller brewery.  No worries, look for your own local “English Strong Ale.”   Don’t stop reading because you don’t know what that means! I bet at one point, you couldn’t tell wine varieties apart, or squash varieties… but you can learn, right?

Okay so when you’re reading a beer description or trying to come up with your own, there are two major words to know: hops and malts.  Here is a really basic description of these flavors. If you ever taste a beer and it is kind of bitter or smells a bit floral and herbal to you: hoppy.  If it has more of a sweet flavor or earthy smell: malty.  These are really basic, and I have a harder time describing malty.  But try a beer, Google it, and think about the description.  Soon enough you’ll discern the flavors they talk about.  This Ubu Ale has more distinct maltiness than hoppiness aka it’s a little on the sweet side but pretty well-balanced in flavors which makes it taste pretty mild.

Have you tried this beer or another English Strong Ale? What do you think?  Is anyone receptive to beer learning?!


*Disclaimer: This is my own beer taste bud views and I am not a professional beer drinker although that would be a cool job.