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Love of the Land by Katie
October 20, 2010, 10:34 pm
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A mere 10 years ago (shoot, it’s been 10 years??!!) I used to dread being forced to spend a weekend at The Cabin.  I was in high school and come on I could not miss a whole weekend of my ‘social life’ and AIM.  To be honest I barely had a social life; I was definitely not going to any parties.  I just wanted to watch soccer games and play my clarinet in marching band and have sleepovers.  Maybe an innocent make-out sesh after 6 months of dating the same guy.  Oh yeah, and study my butt off because that’s what the weekends were really for.

Now? It’s really hard to fathom why I had such annoyance with my mom for dragging me to a gorgeous place separated from electricity and society to enjoy relaxation, family, friends, food, and nature.

But I guess at age 14, there isn’t much I truly wanted to get away from.  Oh financial stress? What’s that?  I can’t afford to buy a new pair of jeans,  DANG IT!!  Finding a job?? I totally had to take two days off from scooping ice cream to be here, ugh.   Relationships?  He’s going to wonder what I’m doing without an AIM away message! Hang out with my family? Okay, I actually never hated that part.

Despite relying on coolers for the majority of our refrigeration and a “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down” toilet mentality, it’s such a great getaway.  A vacation 2 hours away!  And when you’re on vacation, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.  That’s definitely something I didn’t appreciate at 14.

It’s pretty much a guarantee for good beer, good food, and lots of laughs.

Just sit back and enjoy the humble surroundings (while we eat like we’re about to go on Survivor), and come back smelling like a camp fire with greasy hair.

What did you consider a pain in your ass as a child but now completely look forward to?

PB Banana Goodness by Katie
October 15, 2010, 2:39 pm
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I know the frozen banana custard thing has been out there in blog land for awhile but it still amazes me that something so good and creamy can come out of frozen bananas.   The other day I added a big scoop of peanut butter into the food processor with one chopped up frozen banana and I had to remind myself that I was eating a pretty balanced snack.

I’m not one to shun a real ice cream indulgence considering I’m pretty much a connoisseur having worked in the industry* for 3 years, but sometimes you want something just a little better for you.  If you haven’t given this a try to, it’s a bandwagon I fully support jumping on- even though I have a slight allergy to raw bananas (I finally realized why I don’t love plain bananas after 24 years).

*By industry I mean I scooped ice cream and dished up glorious sundae creations.

One Reason to Run by Katie
October 14, 2010, 7:50 pm
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Sometimes workout motivation is found in the weirdest ways.  “I should really wash my hair so I guess I’ll get a sweaty workout in before I shower…”

I KNOW I’m not the only one that has had this thought.  Anyone who’s hair takes longer than an hour to dry and doesn’t look so great without some sort of styling tool.  Not only did I have the motivation of greasy hair tonight, but there was a surprise in the shower (a really innocent one).

A world map shower curtain!  How much fun is this?  You totally want to shower in my shower.  But really, have you ever found enjoyment in your shower curtain liner?  Now I can shower and refresh my memory on world geography- two activities I do daily anyway.  Almost… sometimes showering is lame.  Today’s workout (and shower): brought to you by dirty hair and world map shower curtains. I have to give credit to my friend D for having a world map shower curtain first and being the inspiration for finding one.

By the way, taking pictures of the shower curtain from in the tub is not that easy. OH hey- there’s Morocco, I’m definitely going there next summer to visit my sister.


Apple A Day by Katie
October 11, 2010, 6:09 pm
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I have a lot of apples, approximately 100.

Apples with yogurt and crunchy cereal things.

A pie I promised to some Boston friends and forgot… so I guess I will have to return to Boston.

Applesauce. Way more applesauce than anyone with a full set of teeth needs.  Feel free to stop by my freezer for a container or 8.

Iced Coffee and Milk by Katie
October 10, 2010, 9:09 pm
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Every morning, the leftover coffee goes into the fridge for afternoon iced coffee.  BUT first, add sugar while the coffee is still hot and it will dissolve much easier than when it’s on ice.  The way half-and-half looks pouring over the ice and coffee just makes me want to take a picture. So I did. Coffee or tea for you? What’s your afternoon vice?

Beer. by Katie
October 6, 2010, 7:14 pm
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If there is one topic many food, recipe, running, health, or whatever (trying not to put a label on here.. ahem) bloggers don’t touch on, it has to be beer.  Sure there are excellent beer blogs and excellent food and health blogs, but I haven’t seen much common ground (except here! and some here! oh and she really loves her beer!).  By beer we should discuss, I’m referring to craft beers- Sam Adams and smaller.  I think we’re missing out in this blog community by ignoring beer; those of us who appreciate quality flavors and innovative recipes.  I can appeal to the political foodie as well in that craft beers are more like going to the farmer’s market than supporting subsidized corn.

Once in awhile I see beer appearances on blogs with the the majority consensus seeming to be that beer was for frat parties and men, never for a classy woman who was interested in maintaining a figure sans beer belly.  Natty Light has a special place in my heart but believe me, the beer I drank in college was not for the flavor.   (Dear relatives, I hope you’re not as shocked as my mom that I drank beer a lot in college). These days, I enjoy a beer most nights and without posting a picture of my belly because that would be weird, I assure you I’m not looking anything close to that guy from Animal House.   And I’m pretty classy some of the time, I think?

So here we start.  Take the beer at the top of the page.  Since it is a craft beer, you might not be able to find it as it’s a smaller brewery.  No worries, look for your own local “English Strong Ale.”   Don’t stop reading because you don’t know what that means! I bet at one point, you couldn’t tell wine varieties apart, or squash varieties… but you can learn, right?

Okay so when you’re reading a beer description or trying to come up with your own, there are two major words to know: hops and malts.  Here is a really basic description of these flavors. If you ever taste a beer and it is kind of bitter or smells a bit floral and herbal to you: hoppy.  If it has more of a sweet flavor or earthy smell: malty.  These are really basic, and I have a harder time describing malty.  But try a beer, Google it, and think about the description.  Soon enough you’ll discern the flavors they talk about.  This Ubu Ale has more distinct maltiness than hoppiness aka it’s a little on the sweet side but pretty well-balanced in flavors which makes it taste pretty mild.

Have you tried this beer or another English Strong Ale? What do you think?  Is anyone receptive to beer learning?!


*Disclaimer: This is my own beer taste bud views and I am not a professional beer drinker although that would be a cool job.

BlueCheese/Garlic/Onion/Butter/Egg Sandwich by Katie
October 5, 2010, 10:22 pm
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In our house, everyone knows that when I offer to make breakfast, they should say yes.  I might not be a great writer or a great job-finder or a great dancer, but I will throw it out there that I make some dang good egg sandwiches.  This morning was multi-grain bread with egg, sauteed onion, a bit of Dubliner cheddar (the bright yellow is yolk, not cheese), and finally, blue cheese garlic butter.

Blue cheese. Garlic. Butter.

P.S.-  Unless you attract other blue cheesy garlic oniony lovers, refrain from kissing post-breakfast.