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Just This Once by Katie
September 27, 2010, 8:56 pm
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Just as I had gotten into the groove of blogging and paying more attention… life up and gets crazy again.  Last weekend my stepdad’s brother passed away very unexpectedly and the whole week was spent with family- we dropped everything.  Not only is it tough to lose an uncle (step or not) who I’ve gotten to know over the past 14 years, my heart was breaking for my stepdad and his 4 other brothers, their parents, his wife and daughter, and all of the people who were clearly touched by his life.

The silver lining of it all has to be the strengthening and binding of family.  Day in and day out we spent with family, and though we cried there were a lot of laughs and then a lot of joyful tears about the bonding.  I can place the blame on John Jameson for at least a few of those late night tears.   In our late-night conversations we all came to that point we must remind ourselves of: we only have this one chance at this life and you’ve got to go for what you want and need out of it.  If it weren’t for the sorrows we wouldn’t quite appreciate the joy.  Don’t spend too much time thinking on the past or future- life’s going by faster than you can imagine.  Man, getting so deep here you’d think I was having a nip of the whiskey now.

Anyhow, I’ve got to say that my parental and family situation is probably a little more… unusual.  But I also couldn’t imagine it being any better.  First off- my mom has 4 siblings, my dad has 5 and my Bob has 5, plus one of my mom’s best friends Mary had 8 siblings.  And they all grew up in the same neighborhood- plus many of my Uncles, Aunts, and a lot of family friends (hi Marianne!). Think of all the cousins and cousin-like people I have.  They were tight-knit and the whole neighborhood hung out together, not in front of the TV (Oh did I mention the strong Irish Catholic vibe of the neighborhood?). It’s just something that I think totally lacks in this generation. For instance, my dad was good friends with a few of my stepdad’s brothers growing up and causing trouble together.  Same with my Aunt Laurie.  Maybe it sounds a little too close for some but as a divorced kid it couldn’t have been better than my dad and stepdad knew each other and their whole families already.   And in a situation like this, it is unbelievable support we are all giving and receiving from this wide net of friends and family.

This all probably seems a little off-topic and someone somewhere probably thinks I’m bragging about my family but it’s all just about appreciating the everyday and the people you have around you. 

But I am kind of proud to be part of such a crazy family unit, won’t lie.