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Are you there Kelli? Its me, your blog… by Kelli
September 25, 2010, 1:35 pm
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Sorry for the corny title, I just couldn’t help myself!  So yes, it has been a long while since I have posted.  As you know, Stephen and I bought a house back in May and I literally feel like I have not stopped to take a breath since then!  This summer I ran a marathon, bought a house, did lots of work on said house, became a God mother to my amazing nephew, had some down days, had some up day, visited Ohio, and did some other fun things.  While being so busy I completely neglected the blog.  Katie and I have decided that we do not want to be the “this is what I ate today…  this is what I did today…”type of healthy living blog.  While those blogs are really amazing and helped me in my healthy living transformation, I think we want to take this blog in a different direction.  We are going through, as Katie put it, a blog identity crisis.  We both have total type A personalities (hello!  I am an accountant and she is an engineer.  how could we NOT be type A?!?!?!) and want to be organized without being extreme.  I want this blog to be about what I strive for everyday, balance.  I think Katie and I both strive for balance, even though our lives are in two totally different places right now.  Here are the things I would like to focus on with my posts:

Basic, simple, delicious food (totally stole that from Katie 🙂 ): I feel the best when I am putting GOOD and SIMPLE foods into my body.  Foods that my body know what to do with and know how to process.  Whole grains, eggs, and lots and lots of greens. Lets get back to basics and let the natural flavors really stand out in the foods we eat.

Exercise: My exercise habits have changed slightly since running the marathon.  I have been trying to focus on strength and over all total body health rather than just cardio.  I am running a half marathon on October 17th, and then I might break up from running for a while.  I have found a new workout, CrossFit, at a new gym that I am really loving.  I am also loving hiking and just being OUTSIDE instead of on a treadmill.  I want to get back to why I started exercising in the first place.  I love the way it makes me feel.

Case Mountain Summit in Manchester, CT

BUDGET!: I will be completely honest with you, Stephen and I have rarely had to budget.  We have either had lots of money (like when we first got married), or no money at all (like when he had no job and we were living with his parents).  We have either been able to buy pretty much whatever we want or nothing at all.  We are in a position now where we both have amazing jobs with very good paychecks for how young we are.  We also have a house and lots of responsibilities.  For the first time in our married life we are able to buy things, but must plan it first.  Last month I analyzed out bank statement and divided every transaction into categories so I could see where we were wasting the most money.  We were spending way more than I realized on food!  I was buying groceries, AND we were getting take out probably once a week and going out to dinner on weekends, Stephen was also buying lunch out almost everyday at work.  This has got to stop!!!!  After analyzing out budget I have created a spread sheet (love excel) to keep track of every penny we spend and to budget our “categories”.  I will definitely be blogging about this!

So bear with us as we find out footing here at 2L1L!!!

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