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Because Summer is NOT Over by Katie
September 16, 2010, 7:46 pm
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So we’re between seasons here in Upstate NY and at the grocery store; there is local summer squash next to cider and donuts.  For one last summery meal (if you live in a 4 seasons type of area), grab some zucchini and yellow squash or whatever looks good.  Slice it up, and spread out a layer in a baking dish.

After a layer of squash, add a drizzle of olive oil or some chopped butter along with fresh parsley.  Then add another layer of squash and repeat.  Once your dish is filled, sprinkle some parmigiano reggiano over the top and bake the whole thing at 350 for an hour.  Yes an hour.  That way it gets deliciously crisp.  It’s an easy prep so you can throw it in the oven and go read blogs or drink some wine in the meantime.

I always get too excited to eat and forget that “after” picture!

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and the other post too with the acorn squash.

just beautiful

Have you ever tried butter cup squash? (emphasis on “cup”) take care and have a good weekend Katie. XOXO Marianne

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