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Meals to Marathons to More Me by Katie
September 15, 2010, 9:33 pm
Filed under: Beer, Katie

So I’ve been thinking, as you can see.  What is this blog about? What do I want it to be about? My organized type-A-ness makes me want structure and cohesiveness while my creative side has a new idea everyday.  This isn’t the first blog-identity crisis we’ve had at 2L1L though we’re practically blogging babies still. There are two things I know I want to post more about:

Simple, basic, delicious food. There are a lot of food extremes but I’m always somewhere in the middle.  Not exactly convenience food or gourmet food; health or junk food; vegan food or bacon-wrapped meaty meat balls.  Let’s just go back to the basics and throw in lots of garlic and herbs!

Beer. I’ve been enjoying the good stuff* thanks to my stepdad pretty much since I started to drink and wasn’t at a frat party.  He wasn’t at frat parties… that would be creepy.  Colorado brought this to a new level and I’m familiar with a lot of varieties and breweries.  Especially in this female heavy blog world, there isn’t much beer knowledge going around. I’d like to throw around some beer education if you’ll have me.

*Good stuff is most likely not from a major brewery.  Although Blue Moon will always have a place in my heart- thanks, college.

Well let’s see where this blog goes once again!

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That pumpkin ale was good the other nite…not sure who brought, or where from, but I had a sip and liked it.

Comment by laurie

I brought that, I really like how subtle the spices are in it but you can taste that pumpkin-y flavor.

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

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