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Guest Star Granola Bar by Katie
September 12, 2010, 1:40 pm
Filed under: Baking, Family, Katie

Well this post is long overdue.  My sister made these granola bars weeks ago but after uploading the pictures, my computer started to crash every time I opened WordPress.  Turns out it was just my 6 year old laptop I got before college (happy birthday computer?) and not all computers.

Enough about technology problems, the granola bars were based on this recipe by Alton Brown.   I’m not sure about honey as a sweetener in these because there was a weird honey aftertaste.

We were basically excited to both be home at the same time, sipping wine, and talking each others ears off so I started to take pictures of her making granola bars.



Dried fruit! Regular and golden raisins, cherries, cranberries.

The “glue.”

Mix it all up.

Make a pile and tell a sassy story.

Flatten everything out. The original recipe calls for a smaller pan but Madelyn has made these a few times and prefers thinner bars.

Some of the bars crumbled but the better for eating in a bowl.

And as usual, making them at home means they are cheaper, you know what’s in them, and your sister can take pictures..

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