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Lizard on my Larabar by Katie
August 14, 2010, 7:53 pm
Filed under: Katie, Snacks

For the cross-country drive I stocked up on some easy snacks like this “Cocoa Molé” flavored Larabar.  I found it at a Sunflower Market in Denver and have not seen it since.  It didn’t even sound particularly delicious but I was too intrigued.  Oh yeah, and this plastic lizard has been in my car since high school. I once gave a neighborhood kid a ride home after he missed his bus and he sat in still silence until I finally realized he thought it was real.

Back to the snickity snack.  My brother and I agreed on the taste progression:

First: “Hmm really similar to the apple pie Larabar…”

Second: “Whoa! Cocoa, but not sweet.”

Third: “SPICY!”

Leo, my brother, didn’t like the spicy aftertaste and I have to admit it was different for Larabar’s usual sweet flavors.  However, the chili flavor wasn’t present, just the heat. It really made me want chicken molé and a marg but instead we drove for 15 more hours.

Have you seen this flavor? Are you a fan?  I want to try the cookie dough one I’ve read about but can’t seem to find it.

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They just retired that flavor, that’s why you haven’t seen more of them.

Comment by Paj

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