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Where in the World? by Katie
August 13, 2010, 8:00 pm
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For about 2 weeks I got back into a blogging (and life) groove, and then it all went to shambles!  After an invitation to a hiring event in Boston, I decided it was now or never to drive cross-country.  I would have had to do it inevitably… I just didn’t expect to do it so soon.

My little brother came out to Colorado and we drove back to Upstate NY in 2 days, with an overnight in Iowa.

From here:

To here (home):

And finally here (Boston):

There was a lot of this in the middle:

It’s good to be home; I’m trying to enjoy the days rather than think about what’s next.  Admittedly that is tough when I have loan payments coming up and other bills and responsibilities and just want to have my own income.  But life is all the time- not just when the big events happen!

For now, I’m just enjoying catching up with family and old friends and eating all the delicious foods from home. Nothing to complain about. I’ll be back at it with blogging now too!