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3 Years Ago Today… by Kelli
July 7, 2010, 9:18 pm
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…I was living in NYC.  I took the train on a Friday afternoon to visit my “boyfriend”, Stephen, in CT.  He had just moved into a new apartment and I was super excited to see it.  He picked me up at the New Haven train station and greeted me with a big hug.  On the way home we chatted about the coming weekend and what our plans were.  When we got to Vernon (where his new apartment was located) I walked in the door to see the entire kitchen table covered in white flowers.  There was a home made scrap book in the middle of the flowers that had pictures from the night of our first kiss, fraternity formals, senior week, weekends together, and several other memories.  As I turned the last page, I knew what was coming.  My hands were shaking and my eyes were filling with tears.  The last page said in giant black letters “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”.  I turned around to face my future husband, and he was down on one knee holding out a beautiful diamond ring.  I cried, I hugged, I kissed, I said yes 🙂

3 years later we are happily married.  We have been through some rough patches, but instead of growing apart through them we have gown together.  He is my best friend, my support system, my de-stressor, and my biggest fan.

3 years ago we promised to spend our lives together.  3 years.  6 jobs. 3 apartments. 2 states. 1 house.  1 ever growing love.

HEAT WAVE! by Kelli
July 7, 2010, 6:48 am
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If you live anywhere from Washington D.C. to Boston on the east coast you KNOW what I am talking about!  The Hartford area is seeing temperatures we have no seen in about 10 years!

Yes, that says 80*.  At 6:30 this morning.  Last night our bedroom got so hot the Husband actually slept in the basement since it was cooler!  Because of the extreme heat I do not think I will be cooking a lot this week.  Meals will consist of Green Monsters, sandwiches, and cool salads.

This morning, however, I did decide to cook.  I woke up STARVING and decided on an egg white omelet.

My breakfast consisted of

1 Egg

2 Egg Whites

1/2 green pepper

White onion

1 cup spinach

2 Tbsp shredded cheese

Oh man, this made my kitchen HOT!  At the same time I was making some mushrooms to put in a veggie wrap for lunch

I packed up all the ingredients so I can put together the wrap at my desk:

Portobello mushrooms

Green Pepper

Artichoke Hearts




Should be a good day 🙂  I am off to work!  I am enjoying a bikram class after work today.  Although, with this heat I could probably just do some poses in my backyard and get the same effect!