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The Cottage by Katie
July 2, 2010, 1:51 pm
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Every year for my whole life, and some of my mom’s childhood as well, we’ve gone to “The Cottage” for the 4th of July weekend.  My mom’s childhood friend Mary is one of 9 kids.  Mary’s parents built the cottage on Lake Ontario many years ago and every year, her whole family comes, plus our family, and my Aunt Laurie and her family, and tons of friends.  Since we clearly can’t fit everyone in the cottage, we bring tents.


(I love the sun set reflecting on the tree branches.)


As kids, we played all day- swimming, softball, capture the flag, board games, everything.  Now we still play a lot but also appreciate the vacation time and some adult beverages.


I’ve missed a 4th at the cottage twice before: once I was in Ireland and it barely phased me. The next time I was in Boulder for a research internship and cried when everyone called me.  This year, I’m currently unemployed/ job-hunting and figured the $400 plane ticket wasn’t my best financial decision.


The first night, adults get to go out to dinner.  Once we were finally 21, my cousin Sean and Mary’s son (practically a cousin) Alex got to join in.  Usually Caitlin is a part of this fab group but I don’t know where she was here. All of our birthdays are within in a few months.

Th4th 024

It’s nothing too fancy but the distinction of “kid” and “adult” is always significant, right?

The next few days are filled with relaxation and sun and softball.  And guitar playing and trampoline jumping. Except for the times when there are micro-bursts (mini lake hurricanes).

Tent trying to stand up to the wind.


Some nicer days.


Th4th 114 Th4th 118

Th4th 121

And water balloon launching..

Th4th 123

Th4th 125

I used to work at a restaurant on the lake and people are constantly calling it the ocean.  We can’t see across to Canada of course, but really? You’re in upstate NY!

Th4th 129


Later in the day, we gather at the “Ring of Fire.”  As you can see, it’s an intense fire of citronella candles.

By day (I swear my step-sister Pix isn’t even drinking there, but she looks totally hung-over).

Th4th 134


The Ring of Fire involves sitting in a circle for hours to chat and sip beverages, sing (which always comes down to Irish drinking songs late at night), and generally have fun.

And by night:

Th4th 250

“Oh Bobbayyyy”



I literally have hundreds of sunset pictures from the cottage.  Another great nighttime pastime.



Th4th 145

Hi, Canada!

Th4th 159


Th4th 157

Th4th 166

If it’s not too windy, we’ll have a beach campfire.

Th4th 267

This is what happens much later; afterhours at the campfire.

Th4th 029

On whichever day we officially celebrate the fourth, there are even more traditions.

I never thought to take a picture of the food table in the past, but everyone brings a dish to pass and then the regular grilling items are grilled.  There are at least 20 or 30 different foods and desserts to choose from so you better choose wisely.

Later, the cottage-next-door sets up an ice cream sundae making station. There is always a nice tape of cheesy American tunes going too.

Th4th 149

And once the sun goes down, the fireworks begin.

Th4th 220

Th4th 231



And then more quality family and friend time.

Th4th 258

I’m going to walk away from my computer now because I’m about to make a really bad impulse purchase.

Do you have any traditions you just hate to miss?  I never realized how strong my attachment was to all the family fun until I moved far away!


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You were right, this did get me even more pumped for this weekend…and I promise we won’t call you and make you cry! Unless you want us to call? But then I can’t make any promises about not making you cry. Anyway, you better be there next year…as soon as you get a job save up an emergency plane ticket home for fourth of july fund

Comment by Madelyn

Katie….I’m not there this year either! I sprained my ankle, and I just couldn’t bring myself to go to Sodus and not be able to do anything. Boohoo….I’m havin’ a big pity party for myself, although Scott says I’m just bitchy! Usually misery loves company, soooo, I’m really miserable…helps to know someone else is missing The 4th @ Sodus. Next year darlin’ we’ll all be there, for sure!

Comment by laurie

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