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Wordless Wednesday by Kelli
June 30, 2010, 6:48 am
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The Beef with Fat by Katie
June 30, 2010, 1:00 am
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As I mentioned, I’m staying with my “aunt” in Denver for the time being.  I don’t know exactly when and what I’ll be cooking or taking pictures of, but I’ll be here!

In the interim as I figure out my life- no big deal or anything- this is a picture of a very nice (expensive) steak I bought at the Highland’s Farmer’s Market.  It was local, grass-fed, no hormones or antibiotics, etc.  All those details that make a food-and-nutrition-loving girl swoon.  I totally see at this price point why beef would be less of a necessity and more of a special occasion deal.  It was a bit chewier than the usual stuff but since I knew the grass feeding was to blame, it didn’t seem like a compromise.

John cooked it while we were house-sitting and he seasoned and grilled it to perfection.  Topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms, it couldn’t have been simpler either.

Though the price might not be in my typical budget, it was interesting to try the grass-fed steak.  I would love to be able to always have this more naturally, humanely raised and slaughtered beef but my budget right now is, well, that of an unemployed former graduate student.  You can use your imagination there.

After all the environmental aspects, and hormone/pesticide contamination worries, and the general bacteria safety, let’s look at nutrition. [Tangent: does anyone ever call you a “hippie” because you are interested in your food source and nutrition?]  Did you know that when cows are raised while grazing naturally over many years rather than fattened on a corn-based diet that the meat is richer in the omega-3 fats than the old adversary, saturated fat?

A favorite fat- avocados turned guac.

I think the fat topic is so interesting because there are many people devoted to a low-fat diet, putting all fats in the same group and equating dietary fat to body fat.  It’s like saying “all beer is gross” without differentiating between Natty Light and Fat Tire. Hm, maybe that’s a bad comparison since both have a special place in my heart and palate.  How about… “movies are boring.”  You can’t lump chick flicks and action movies and documentaries together.  Some are once-in-a-while indulgences, while a few are favorites, and others nourish the mind (or body).  I’m thinking a blog-oriented bio lesson on fat metabolism is in store.  Any interest?

Note: I link to some science articles in my ramblings.  If reading science makes your brain turn off, skim to the last one or two lines of the abstract, which will contain the study results and conclusions!  If you want to chat or more info, email me.