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New Home. New Workout by Kelli
June 27, 2010, 7:43 pm
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Hey all!  Yes, I have been quite MIA lately.  I have been busy turning this…

Our living room with the god awful wood paneling.  Who invented this stuff?  Because they were clearly blind.  We are half way done with this project and it now looks like this…

The wall have been taped and primed.  It needed two coats of white primer since the wood was such a dark color.  We will be painting it a light beige this week 🙂  I am really happy about this project.  The wood paneling made the room really dark and dreary, especially at night.

The other project we are in the middle of is my gym…

This was before (I know it’s not a great picture, but its a very narrow room).  The wall paper looked like it would be easy to take off and I had a vision of a bright yellow room to greet me every morning as I did my workouts.  Well, two hours with a steam and scraper later we have this…

It seems that there is not just one layer of really bad wall paper.  There are several layers of bad wall paper and paint over wall paper.  After realizing this room would easily take a month to scrape and fix properly in order to paint it the husband came up with an awesome idea.  We are going to put paneling in this room (no, not wood paneling.  How gross?!).  Beautiful white paneling that is thin and bright and welcoming.  I am also mounting a TV and DVD player and have that awesome snap-together squishy gym flooring to put in it.  I am really excited to have my own home gym!

The next project that is somewhat started is the dining room.  There was horrible wall paper (I mean really, the people who lived here before were clearly blind) on the bottom half of the wall (it is separated by a chair rail) and was just plain white on the top.  It was both boring and hideous at the same time, which is a hard combination to master.

Here it is with the wall paper stripped (totally forgot to take a picture!) and the paint samples on it.  The top half of the wall will be the green that is all the way to the right.  Below the chair rail we are going to paint it a slightly darker color of green.  I am really excited about this room too!  I think the green will really liven up the place and make it bright and welcoming 🙂

And last but not least, the kitchen! Here is the before…

This picture was taken during our walk through after entering into the contract.  You cannot see it here, but the kitchen floor is just awful.  It looks like they waxed it at one point and did not do it properly.  A lot of dirt has been caught in the wax and as a result the floor is a nasty yellowy color.  Stephen’s grandparents have agreed to replace the floor for us as a house-warming present!  We will be shopping for that soon.  For right now all I have done in this room is removing the green border.  It was very country and just was not my style.

I am not sure what color this room will be yet.  I think I am going to wait on deciding paint colors until I see what kind of kitchen floor we get.  Since the floor will be the main eye focus in the room, I will build the rest of the kitchen around that.

So that is what I have been up to bloggies!  I have also devised and new workout plan for my post-marathon life that I am really excited about!  I will be posting about that in detail tomorrow!  Have a great night!

P.S. If any of you are stylish out there I welcome all tips and tricks on how to turn this new house into a real home!