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Health on the Move by Kelli
June 2, 2010, 9:45 pm
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Hey all! Now that we are all settled into our house, I was finally able to go grocery shopping last night!! Woo hoo! The insane and endless ring of take out can END! I tried to keep it healthy, but its hard when almost every meal over the weekend needed to be bought from somewhere. I stuck to salads and healthy sandwhiches, but they still left me feeling bloaded and sluggish. I was so happy to gab my cart last night at Stop and Shop and happily browsed the aisles of food for an hour! For dinner I had a delicious open face egg sandwhich with salsa, spinach and swiss cheese and a big glass of WATER!

Have any of you ever had to do a big move? Were you able to keep your eating healthy or did you give in (like me) to the convience and ease of the take out menu??


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Food always seems to taste better when it’s homemade, even simple things like salads. I about freaked a few years ago when I looked at the nutritional content for what should have been a simple salad @ McDonalds.

Comment by Faith

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