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Health on the Move by Kelli
June 2, 2010, 9:45 pm
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Hey all! Now that we are all settled into our house, I was finally able to go grocery shopping last night!! Woo hoo! The insane and endless ring of take out can END! I tried to keep it healthy, but its hard when almost every meal over the weekend needed to be bought from somewhere. I stuck to salads and healthy sandwhiches, but they still left me feeling bloaded and sluggish. I was so happy to gab my cart last night at Stop and Shop and happily browsed the aisles of food for an hour! For dinner I had a delicious open face egg sandwhich with salsa, spinach and swiss cheese and a big glass of WATER!

Have any of you ever had to do a big move? Were you able to keep your eating healthy or did you give in (like me) to the convience and ease of the take out menu??

Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Katie
June 2, 2010, 1:15 pm
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Oh yeah, I have a blog!  Between moving, marathon-readying, thesis working, necessary sleeping (gotta get my body rested up for the race) and an hour to-and-from commute, blogging has taken the back burner.  It was also my birthday last Sunday (though I’m saving the celebrating until after the marathon!) so it’s been quite a week!

I fit in some fun on Saturday and Sunday though.  Saturday, I ran my last long run before the marathon.  All of my runner friends and I were so chatty and giddy that the eight mile run felt really short and quick.  Though our chattiness made us a bit slower than usual 😉 .

I’ll mention here that there are no running or food pictures in this post, just the big Colorado sky.  Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of fun pictures from the marathon this weekend!  On Saturday night John and I went to a Rockies game with some friends.  The first time I ever went to a Rockies game I made fun of it because it was much more like the minor league games I’d been to than the Yankees games I had been to.  Then they made it to the World Series that year.  My bad.   I like sitting over the right field because of the amazing view of the Rocky Mountains.  It looked dark and stormy to the west when we arrived and we were nervous that we might get rained on.

But the weather ended up looking better.

And we even got a sunset

I swear I was watching the game too.

Off to launder, pack, work, and eat!