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20 Miles. Done and Done. by Kelli
June 1, 2010, 7:28 am
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Hi friends. So, I did it. I did my 20 mile training run and I am on my way to taper land. Taper land sounds like a wonderful place and I am really excited to dive right in.

The 20 miles took me 4 hours and 3 minutes. Needless to say, I had a lot of time to think. I was running on a beautiful paved trail and was able to get into a very zen state of mind very early in the run. I got to thinking about how a long run like this is kind of like marriage (Ok, I understand if you want to stop reading now. But seriously, bear with me). Here is how I think the break down goes…

Miles 1-5: “The Honeymoon.” Wow! I love this! This feels great! we have plenty of money from the wedding (running equivalent= energy)! We have sex every night! Even when we have a headache! Lots of spooning! Yay marriage and running!

Miles 6-10: “The Routine.” You have fallen into a nice routine with your new spouse. Wake up, go to work, work out, eat dinner together, watch your usual shows on TV, bed. The routine is nice and easy and comfortable. Sometimes it gets a little boring, but you can always mix it up with a little dance party! On your run you have fallen into a nice pace and you are feeling pretty good. You get bored sometimes, but hopefully you have some distractions such as music and nice scenery.

Miles 10-15: “The First Fight.” You have stopped being polite. You have both fallen into your respective bad habits (ie: leaving the damn toilet seat up). You might realize you really don’t like the same TV (hopefully you knew this before you got married). And its inevitable, you will have your first big fight as a married couple. You might yell and you might get your feelings hurt. You end up discussing it, pushing through it, and everything is ok once again.  And who doesn’t love make up sex?!?!

Miles 16-18: “The Unemployment” miles.  As many of you know Stephen lost his job lats year and was out of work for close to 6 months.  It was hard.  Like really hard.  We ended up living with Stephen’s parents for a little while.  And even though I appreciated having a place to live, we pretty much turned into really good roommates rather than husband and wife.  Miles 16-18 were tough, like really tough.  I hit a major wall and starting counting my steps out loud in order to get through each painful step.  But just like that brief period of unemployment, I pushed through and took everything minute by minute, sometimes even step by step.  But in this run, just like in my marriage, when you get to the other side of any VERY difficult situation your legs, and your relationship, will feel better than ever.

Miles 18-20: “Buying your first house.”  There is no two ways about it, this is a HUGE milestone!  When I first got my training schedule I remember circling the 20 mile week.  It seemed like a unattainable goal.  When Stephen did not have a job, a house seemed like an unattainable goal.  It’s crazy the difference a year can make.  Especially since we closed on our first house the night before my 20 miler 🙂 .

So there it is!  I did it!  20 MILES!!!  Marathon, here I come!!!


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nice job! such a great accomplishment! Congrats! and enjoy the well-deserved taper.

Comment by elizathon

Great job!!

This marriage analogy is SO true. Except I usually have trouble with miles 1-3 on long runs, thinking “OH my what am I getting myself into! I want to go hoooome”.. we’ll call that “the transition”!

Comment by Abby

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