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A Slow Six by Katie
May 20, 2010, 10:15 pm
Filed under: Dinner, Run

It blows my mind how one day I can run 21 miles and then 5 days later have a hard time with 6 miles.   All week my legs have felt pretty tight and heavy, so I cut myself a break and ran at whatever pace happened.  I usually try to do this but get too competitive with myself.  The weather was perfect and I love me a nice breeze!  I just enjoyed being out there as much as I could (oh yeah I can’t give up cheese and accidentally ate cheese at lunch) with my upset stomach and tired legs.

This spa I’ve gotten a pedicure at once or twice sent me a birthday coupon so I might go get a half priced massage tomorrow.   I mean, it was suggested by the coaches after all.

There have been no food pictures all week but this is what I’ve been eating, or a variation on the theme.  I cooked way, way too much pasta on Monday so I’ve had some everyday (until today!).

Pasta with sauce, made more delicious with onions, garlic, bison meat, and pepper flakes.  I added random vegetables too- broccoli, spinach, artichokes. Single living, so glamorous! I eat the same food for 4 days ;).

How do you handle massive amounts of leftovers? Usually I stick stuff in the freezer but I’m moving next week and gotta eat it all up!  Plus, frozen pasta never reheats that well.

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