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21 Miles, Run and Bike by Katie
May 17, 2010, 10:35 pm
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The weekends just do not have enough time!  On Saturday, I completed my longest training run- 21.2!  I did the extra 0.2 miles because I was feeling strong and really pumped about the marathon.  After an ice bath, some ibuprofen, and a short nap, I felt pretty great! Yeah, my legs were exhausted and my muscles were shaky but nothing hurt.  I planned to blog about it right after because I was one some ridiculous running high, but I fell asleep on accident.   Understandable?  I hope so!  I’ll be back soon with a full recap.

Sunday was gorgeous and I requested brunch with mimosas!  I’m going to stay away from alcohol for the two weeks before the marathon so why not enjoy it now?!  Then John and I rented some bikes for the day and leisurely rode around Denver.  I totaled it up today and we rode about 21 miles.   It’s pretty amazing how different 21 miles of running feels than 21 miles of laid-back bike riding!

I need to apply to more jobs right now and while blogging is fun, I have to get my priorities in order.  I’m way behind on reading (and commenting) too.  Let’s hope it all pays off soon!!  See you back here later.