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Powerful by Katie
May 13, 2010, 10:24 pm
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That is how I would describe my run today: powerful.  I wasn’t particularly looking forward to or dreading the 50 minute run scheduled for today.  It was just there.  Since I have 21 miles coming up on Saturday (OMG) , I decided to go with whatever pace felt good.  Promising myself to not to look at Garmy until mile 1 (it makes a God awful beeepeeepeeep noise) and just set into a nice comfy pace I waited to check my pace until mile 2… sub-9:00 miles?  I don’t know what was up with my body today but I had a hard time slowing myself down.  But I didn’t feel like I was going fast. Maybe this just means I’m getting faster?  5.6 negative split miles later… woo woo, as my good friend would say (happy birthday bunny)!!

[These pictures have nothing to do with the text by the way, I’m just in a good mood and feel like pretty pictures okay?]

Since I didn’t feel like I was pushing- I was able to say a nice hi how are you? etc. to all the people I passed- I just let my body do what it wanted.

What it wanted was an awesome-for-me pace.  Like, what a great pace for the marathon would be.  A little faster pace than what I ran the 13 miler at two weeks ago.

It wasn’t just the pace though.  It was the way I felt on top of my game.  All week my runs have been “the best runs ever” but tonight I just did not want to stop at 50 minutes.  I wanted to run and run and run!  I’m really hoping this attitude carries me through a good portion of the 21 miler.  Though I’m not blindly optimistic to think that won’t be a huge struggle at points.

Marathon training has had it’s ups and downs and just last week I was describing running as becoming a chore.  Another thing on the “to-do” list.  Saturday was the hardest run I’ve ever had in my life and it was less than a mile further than I went tonight.  This week though, running is giving me the pleasure it did before training.  The whole reason I wanted to run a marathon- ’cause I LOVED running.

Okay now if you’re still reading, you probably think I’m nuts, raving about running.  I’m writing this fresh out of a freezing cold shower so I’m probably seriously high on endorphins.   Now I definitely lost readers.   Ice baths are much preferred to ice showers by the way.  Anyway, if you are new to running or another activity, I swear you will have a moment like this sometime.  Or maybe you have.

Have you ever had a workout that makes you feel powerful?  What was it?  Any particular reason why that workout did it for you?  I was really digging my music tonight but the weather was great, I’ve been sleeping well, and avoiding certain stomach-ache-inducing foods too.  Who knows, could have been anything, I won’t question it!