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Running in Snow… In May by Katie
May 12, 2010, 12:12 am
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On Sunday, my aunt had a mini heart attack when I mentioned I hadn’t gotten new shoes during training.  It was a good point- especially since I’ve suddenly had knee pain for the last two weeks.  Same model, new (awesome) color… and there goes 5 months of not using my credit card, dang!  But protecting my knees is a worthwhile investment.


I tried them out today at a track workout with Team in Training people: 400 meters (1 lap) marathon pace/ 400 meters 5k-ish pace.  For 5 miles, or 20 laps.  I almost didn’t go due to the weather forecast but very glad I made it. It’s incredible how fast and easy these miles flew by compared to my run last Saturday.

Shoe report: No blisters, and miraculously, NO knee pain!!

Stomach report: I’ve avoided dairy and spicy food the past two days since I knew track would be hard.  My stomach didn’t hurt at ALL.

Weather report:


That disgusting picture was too funny not to show.  Something looks really disproportionate to me.  Anyway, if it weren’t for my hat (um by the way, running with a hat or visor is genius= tunnel vision to keep focused), I’d have mascara streaming down my face.

During the run it rained, got really windy, started to hail, went back to rain whipping in my face, started to wet snow, hail, and so forth.  I won’t lie- 5 miles in that shiz at a 8:45 average, I feel kind of running-bad-ass.

I immediately stripped down (in my car, bad weather is really good for foggy windows) and put on a fleece and sweat pants.  No idea how I had the foresight to bring more clothes but saved me since I had to stop for a few groceries.  And also some wine I suddenly felt I deserved.


A hot shower, a ton of water, cozy sweats, stir-fry, and a glass of wine later.. I’m a new woman!


I’m trying to use up all the food in my cupboard and brown rice is something I have a lot of.  What goes with rice?  Stir-fries are so nice and easy: throw whatever vegetables I have on hand in a big frying pan or wok, add tamari/soy sauce/ peanut sauce/ teriyaki sauce, cook meat in another pan (beef in the top photo, chicken in the one below), and throw it all together to finish cooking.


Alright, I’m going to pretend I didn’t just see my car covered in snow (real) and dream of being on a beach!

Does anyone have a delicious kidney bean recipe (I have more than one can to use)?