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Top 5 Things NOT to Do Before a Long Run by Katie
May 11, 2010, 11:53 am
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{A short and sweet post while school and job searching continue to take priority.}

  1. Eat Mexican food- the cheesy, the spicy variety particularly
  2. Drink beer, wine, or margaritas. It makes you and dehydrated and makes you have to “go”, FUN.
  3. Snooze for 12 hours and completely throw off your sleep pattern
  4. Forget to apply sunscreen
  5. Eat only a piece of PBJ toast before running- when you haven’t had anything to eat since dinner…. 14 hours ago.

Guess who committed all these night-before-a-long-run sins?  Before you think I’ve totally lost all rational thought ability, I was planning to do my long run on Sunday.  But I woke up around 11 on Saturday (after Mexican and drinks) and felt fine, so I decided to run since I already wasted half the day sleeping.

Guess who was dry-heaving on the side of the path by mile 3.5?  And at mile 6, I was puking my guts out. This made me feel a lot better actually, but I called John to pick me up around 7 miles (half way) because I was freaked out.  After some rehydrating, food, and Immodium AD, I hit up the gym to try to finish the run.  I only made it around 3 miles when I knew it was just not going to happen.  I didn’t want to hurt myself with a looming 21 miler in a week.

I stressed about it at first, thinking myself a complete failure and idiot, but come on, self!  This is way more than I could have ever done a few months ago and well, I learned what NOT to do the night before (although I could have guessed at most of those…)!  Plus, I think 10 sick miles is about the same as 14 regular miles- anyone? anyone?

Some people might be able to get through runs on little sleep with no thought to their food but my sensitive tummy doesn’t like to be messed with.   This week, I’m really limiting my dairy intake and eating pretty simply on Thursday and Friday- no new foods, spicy foods, too fibrous foods, or heart-burn inducing foods.  What am I going to eat? :/

What have you learned NOT to do before a workout?