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Why You So Obsessed With Me? by Katie
May 5, 2010, 10:01 pm
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Last Saturday I had a perfect egg sandwich at Masterpiece Deli and everyday since, I’ve been obsessed with trying to match it.

  • Step 1-  Pat of real butter in the pan (a little bit goes a long way)
  • Step 2- Add some diced veggies or spinach (optional)
  • Step 3- Two eggs (keep those yolks! nutrients people!)
  • Step 4- Pop whole wheat roll/bread/English Muffin in the toaster
  • Step 5- Flip eggs, add slivers of thinly sliced cheese (again a little goes a long way!)
  • Step 6- Remove bun, top with eggs, and enjoy

If you’re thinking- uh what?  Eggs in butter with cheese? I don’t think so.  But use some real butter and full fat cheese, and the amounts you use are so small compared to the flavor it brings.  And that fat will keep you full.   I haven’t been reaching for a mid-morning snack all week.   I’ve been having huge salads with lunch and dinner so I’m not worried about getting my veggies.

Other obsession: homemade fruit on the bottom yogurt.

Just take a scoop of frozen fruit, top with plain/ Greek yogurt, and pack it up for later.  The frozen fruit works well because it gets so juicy when it thaws.

This is one of those things that is so simple (and cheap if you buy a bulk bag of fruit and bulk tub of yogurt), I don’t know why I’ve been buying the mini containers of it at the store.  It’s been my afternoon “sweet” this week.

Back to work, just wanted to show some of my repetitive but delicious eating habits when my schedule is busy!

Silly Husbands… by Kelli
May 5, 2010, 4:57 pm
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The following conversation took place in the late evening while enjoying some quality time with the husband…

Me: Wow, I can’t believe I ran the half marathon on Sunday almost 15 minutes faster than my last one!

Husband: I believe it.  You are running a lot more and are in much better shape.

Me: True.  Plus I think I weighed about 20 lbs less than last time.  I remember reading somewhere that for every 10 lbs a runner loses you can improve your mile time significantly.

Husband: Well, I’m sure that’s not always the case.

Me: Why is that?

Husband:  Well if you cut off your leg to lose weight I don’t think you would run faster.

Oh husband 🙂