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Motivation… by Kelli
May 4, 2010, 10:31 pm
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Yesterday, Gina over at The Fitnessista talked about motivation.  It got me thinking about why all of us exercise.  Everyone in the healthy living blog world talks about how they work out, where they work out, and how often they work out.  But what I want to know is WHY we work out.  What makes you get out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5AM just to go get your sweat on at that morning spin class?  What makes you get on that treadmill or elliptical or join that kickboxing class after a long day in cubicle hell instead of going home and pigging out on the coach in front of “Friends” reruns?

I have not always been the healthiest person.  Binging and purging, going days without eating, or pigging out for hours without even realizing what was going into my mouth are some horrible pastimes of mine.  When I was partaking in all these activities, my body was nothing more than the vehicle that got me from A to B.  Now that I am living a healthier life I am astounded at how strong my body is and how it constantly surpasses every expectation.  As I crossed the finish line on Sunday morning, completing 13.1 miles with the greatest of ease, I realized WHY I exercise.  I exercise for those moments when I cross a finish line, or experience a runner’s high, or even do something as simple as complete a spinning class without sitting out on a set of sprints.  I exercise for those moments when I can say “Wow!  Look what I can do!”

Of course there are all of the extra health benefits and they are good motivation too. 🙂

Why do you exercise?

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I exercise because it makes me feel whole! Exercise to me is like brushing my teeth it is just a part of me…and something I truly love! Great post!! 🙂

Comment by Kelly

I love the way exercise makes me feel. I love how strong my body is and all that it can do. I love having muscles! And I love being healthy. I also love the way my ass looks in my jeans and I’ve got no shame about that!

Comment by Andrea (Off Her Cork)

Exercise, or running in my case, provides balance to my life. It’s hard/challenging while I am doing it but i feel great when I am done. I think you articulate it quite well in your post. “Now that I am living a healthier life I am astounded at how strong my body is and how it constantly surpasses every expectation.” It’s so true. I never knew I was capable of running a marathon until I actually tried it. Now I feel like I could do anything I really put my mind to—and that’s thanks to exercise.

Comment by elizathon

I’d like to know how old ya all are! When in my 20’s/30’s I was in great shape, lifting weights was my thing. Then a injury, then kids, work, house…b4 I knew it 40lbs over my comfort zone. Now at 50, I got a dog…I should have named her treadmill. I’m walking at least 5 miles, 2x a day and love it. Never knew I’d miss the feel of tingly/sore muscles, sweat and breathing hard! Keep those habits, regardless of the above!!!

Comment by laurie

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