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April 28, 2010, 8:51 pm
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Hey blog world 🙂 I hope everyone had a great Wednesday. Mine was pretty standard. Wake up, egg-tastic breakfast, WORRRKK, workout, and now I am home making dinner…

I have been thinking a lot about life lately, and with that I have been thinking about blog life. Sometimes I feel like a lot of the blogs I love only post about the positive things in their life. I love that so many of my “blog friends” have so many things going on in their life that are so great, but sometimes I don’t feel like it is “real”.  Sure we all are open about our struggles to stay healthy, but what about life’s other struggles?  I feel like so many people think “If only I was the ideal weight…  If only I had the perfect job…  perfect boyfriend/husband… perfect house… I will have the perfect life”.    If we had those things life would be so boring!  Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with my weight; but I still like to challenge myself to see what my body can do.  I love my job, but I am always thinking about the next step or where I will be in 5 years.  I love my husband more than anything, but sometimes there is nothing that sounds better than a night at home ALONE with some pizza and a bottle of wine!  I guess what I am trying to say is, we are all struggling in one way or another and I just wish people talked about it more!

I am going to make it my goal to be more “real” on this blog.  I want to tell the truth about my life, but also show how facing struggles and doubts in your life with a positive attitude can really help.  I love how positive the atmosphere is in the blog world, but if you don’t talk about the struggles how can we really appreciate all the good moods 🙂

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Nice point…I think man bloggers do shy away from the more negative aspects of their lives…and then I know bloggers who are just constantly negative, and that turns me off, too. I think there should be a good balance before the two. You should be honest, but try to find a positive spin to it. But then there are some situations in which you just HAVe to rant! Haha! But bloggers are real people, and they relate to real situations and problems….I always admit it out loud when I face a problem, and have been overwhelmed with gratitude by the amazing support and warm response from the blogging community…I hope you get to enjoy that, too! 🙂

Comment by sophia

I know I talk about the negative things when they come. Im not good at hiding negativity in my life, so when its there, youll prob see it in my blog.

Comment by lisaou11

I think sophia said it perfectly. Kelli- you’ve obviously seen me at my WORST (and sometimes we were at our worst together… I’m thinking of one sobfest night in particular), and know I’m not all sunshine and roses. I think I’m positive a lot when blogging because I’m happy to be reflecting and sharing food through blogging. And I’m just happy about life in general at this point in my life! It’s probably better for the general public that I didn’t blog in college…

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

You know, I recently realized that since reading more of the “mainstream” food blogs (like Healthy Tipping Point & KERF and others who have changed from a more traditional desk job career to working at home/making big changes) I have started to feel bad about my own self. I don’t want to work from home or do freelance writing, but being surrounded by those voices make me think I should want that or I would be as happy and cheerful as they are if I changed my life that way. But, I know being cheerful and talking about the good parts of life makes for much better reading than writing a negative post. But sometimes I wonder how those bloggers stay so upbeat all the time!

Thanks for reflecting on this–I have found that my favorite bloggers are those who present a more balanced sense of their everyday emotions, like this blog.

Comment by Emily

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