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“Take my credit card to Whole Foods. Get whatever you want” by Kelli
April 24, 2010, 9:58 pm
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Those are the exact words we heard from Stephen’s mom today. I. KID. YOU. NOT.

More on that later…

Today I embarked on the longest run I have EVER done. 17 miles. I was crazy excited about this run ALL week because last weeks 14 mile run went SO well.

This weeks 17 miler was less than stellar. I felt great for the first 3/4 of the run. I do my long runs on a 4.5 mile paved trail that is near my house. It runs along the CT river and is really beautiful. For todays run I was going to go to do 2 “laps” of the trail (up and back= 8.5 miles. Multiply that by 2 = 17 miles). I felt great literally the whole time, until the last turn around. I knew I only had 4.25 miles left and was pretty excited to be done. At mile 15 though my body was donezo. I physically could not run the entire time anymore. I started to use the Galloway method and THANK GOD that took me to the end. Those last 2 miles were the biggest test of my mental toughness I have ever encountered. Everything in my body HURT. My quads, my calves, EVERYTHING. I laid in the grass at the end of the trail for a good 20 minutes. Stretching and DRINKING WATER! I couldn’t believe I finished that!! I was SO happy. Until I realized at THAT point in the marathon I will still have 9 miles left to run. AHH! To be honest, I had a slight panic/crying session when I realized that!

After the run I took an ice bath! Katie told me that hers was amazing last week so I decided to give it a try. Once I got past the initial SHOCK it actually felt good! When I was done with the bath I headed to Stephen’s parents house. His mom wanted to have a BBQ. She gave us her credit card and literally said “Get whatever you want”. I had an “alleluia” moment. I did not end up going to Whole Foods, because I honestly did not want to walk. But Stephen did a great job!! He got fresh guac, brie cheese, and lots of veggies! He also got portabello swiss burgers and hot turkey sausage! This kind of meal makes me wish my camera was working!!! It was really great! I may have also enjoyed a few Sam Adam’s Summer Ales 🙂 But hey, I ran 17 miles! I deserved it! And no one has ever had to twist my arm to enjoy a good cold beer on a hot summer day. 🙂

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I am going to ice one more time and go to SLEEP!!!

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That subject line is my deepest DREAM!!!!

Comment by Rachel @ Shedding It

Wow! What a cool thing for mom to do! 🙂

On a side note, I attempted to try an ice bath after my 8k and I couldn’t get past my foot. It was shocking! I wish I could have because I think it would have helped a lot….

Comment by hundredtenpounds

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