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Nutty Fries And ShroomY Burgers by Katie
April 21, 2010, 11:19 pm
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I’d seen parsnip fries on a few blogs and didn’t think much of it but when I saw the parsnips that Angela of Oh She Glows made…. they went to the top of my list.  I bought 2 parsnips (the checker-outter lady had to ask me what they were) and prepared to be impressed.

Parsnips sort of look like white carrots- though some are the size of carrots that ate too many cookies.  Check out the size difference.


So what did Angela do that intrigued me so?  Coated the parsnips in almond butter and peanut butter. There are few things that don’t taste better with nut butter.

For both parsnips, I first melted (microwaved for 20 seconds) a heaping TBSP of almond butter + 1/2 TBSP olive oil.  I tossed the sliced parsnips with this mixture until it was all coated.


I left out the peanut butter because I forgot it in my desk drawer. Yes, my desk at work.  The fries baked at 400* for about 15 minutes before I tested one.

They were a bit smooshy still so I hit them with the broiler. Oops, make sure you watch them in the broiler! A few got extra crisp.


The final product, with a little drizzle of honey because honey and nuts go together like milk and cookies.


I have to be honest though.  I don’t know if I like parsnips!  I’m not the biggest carrot fan and the taste of parsnip is basically the taste of carrot I don’t like, magnified.  Sorry about that description- vegetable flavor is tough to put into words.  However, the crispy nut butter coating?! Genius.  I will absolutely try this on sweet potatoes.

For some green, I cooked 2 zucchinis with some chopped tomato and a drizzle of Italian dressing.  There was probably about a 1/2 TBSP of dressing and it coated everything well without being greasy.


While I cooked it started to thunderstorm.  It really doesn’t rain much here and sometimes I miss it! It’s hard to justify staying cozy inside watching a movie (or Law & Order SVU) with a glass of wine when it’s sunny outside. I opened the sliding door to let in the fresh rain air and listen to thunder.


The most delicious and easiest part of dinner was a simple Portobello burger.  Portobello mushroom cooked in a splash of olive oil and balsamic, onions sautéed in the same, and creamy goat cheese.  Yum yum yum- SO easy and simple too.


This morning I decided to switch my workouts to the AM instead of the afternoon and I loved having my evening free to enjoy cooking and eating!  Breakfast is always the same anyway, so why not give myself more time to make dinner?

My runs this week have varied between 20 to 30 minutes, as an active recovery week.  My belly is still really sore, I can’t lie down on my stomach and after sitting for a long time I feel pain.  Not good! So the “active recovery” is a reasonable way to keep myself in shape while not getting inured.

Now I’m off to watch Law and Order SVU, drink some wine, and eat some of this chocolate.


Do you like to work out in the morning or afternoon better? Or does switching it up help fight boredom and monotony?