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The Biggest Loser by Kelli
April 13, 2010, 8:07 pm
Filed under: Kelli

I go back and forth about how I feel regarding “The Biggest Loser”.  When I was a calorie counting, over exercising, mega food restricting fiend I used to LOVE this show.  I thought it was inspiring and it pushed me to work out MORE and eat LESS.  Neither of these things were good at this point in my life because I was already doing those things to an excess.  When I evolved my body and food goals to include my balance I took a long hard look at this show.  Sometimes I think it is everything that is wrong with how America looks at weight loss.  There is nothing balanced about this show.  Working out 6-8 hours a day and only eating 1,200 calories (for the women) is not a realistic way to lose weight.  Of course you will LOSE weight by doing this, but will you really learn to EAT?  Will they learn how to balance a busy work schedule, a family, and making time to exercise?  Will you be obsessed with calorie counting and sacrifice nutrition??  Not sure.  Sure, the show changes peoples lives but why did it take the most extreme intervention ever for these people to want to get healthy??  I go back and forth.  What do you all think??


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