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Sunny Sunday: Platte Half And The Rockies by Katie
April 11, 2010, 8:24 pm
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John and I woke up bright and early for a role reversal- he was running this morning.  The Platte River Half Marathon was this morning and John ran as the last leg of a relay team.  The relay was available for teams of three: 2 five milers and the last person ran 3.1 miles.

Before heading out I fueled up with an egg + egg white sandwich and fruit.  I knew it would be awhile till I ate again since I was the relay team shuttle car.


We all cheered Jenny (John’s roommate’s girlfriend) on at the start of the first 5 mile relay leg. It was too hard to spot her for a picture though as the crowds went past.


I did get a picture of the crazy fast race winner types. The two girls in the sports bras finished as the top 2 females.  No big deal, they were running 6:00 minute miles or something.


Then we hopped in the car to drive down to the relay exchange point.  Andrew took the ankle bracelet timing chip from Jenny and was off!  Here he is finishing his five miler.


Go, John! He had a 5k to run and this former track star “trained” with 2 runs this week.


Well he kicked butt- John finishing his 3.1 miles in 23 minutes! He seriously needs to do more races.  And train for them.


I took over 100 pictures of random runners, I was really wishing I was on that course!  Sitting and watching made me want to run that much more.  Super sprinter:


My Team in Training running buddy Judi finished in under 2 hours!  I hope that’s an indication of our marathon capabilities ;).  From watching this race, I realized I need to get some funky shorts to run in.  It’s so much easier to spot people.


Some runners grabbed their kids to finish the route, which was adorable.




This lady was definitely in the 60 or older bracket and she ran by with a bikini top on.  Jenny and I laughed but then realized she had better abs and a better rack than us (the non-movement of her girls leads me to believe they were not the real deal). So instead we just cheered her on, hoping to look that at her age. Plus she finished around 1:52. Total props to her, there is no way I could run a half in a bikini top OR that fast.


After the race and some snacks borrowed from John’s bag of food schwag, we headed to a Rockies game!  This weekend was the home-opener weekend plus 70* weather.  I loved their beer du jour designation.


The gorgeous weather brought out a packed stadium.  I like going to baseball games just for the people watching, sun-bathing, and beer drinking opportunities.  But I also really do like baseball, I promise.



I grew up as a Yankees fan (who’s gonna hate on this first?!) and the Rockies games remind me more of the Rochester Red Wings games I grew up going to.  The ticket cost is a bit more reasonable too.  How roided out does Giambi look?


When Matt Daley took the pitcher’s mound, I took about 40 pictures since he’s a Bucknell alum!!  I’m really impressed with my zoom too.




In the end the Rockies won and I left with the first-of-the-season sunburn!  I know I shouldn’t be too excited about sunburn but I was SO white.  We’ll definitely be frequenting some more Sunday afternoon baseball games this season!

After the game, I was starving.  Since ballpark food isn’t gall-bladder-removal recovery friendly, I had John stop at a Chipotle for me.  Mmm, a burrito bowl salad with chicken and black beans.


Between 2 afternoon beers and being outside ALL day, I have a feeling I’m going to be in bed early.  I’m actually excited for work because on Friday I finally got my computer model results to match the experimental results better than I could ever imagine!!  Basically, this means 9 months of work culminated into a meaningful, THESIS FINISHING result. It’s my baby, literally, after 9 months of labor.

What did you do all weekend?