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Vroom Vroom by Kelli
April 10, 2010, 9:05 pm
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Hey all 🙂  I hope you had a lovely week.  I sure had a BUSY one, but it was lovely just the same 🙂  While reading Katie’s post about the blog template of “here is what I eat everyday” I have to ay that I couldn’t agree more.  In the next 2 months I will be saving for, closing on, and moving into a new house.  We have the money for the down-payment and everything, but we need to save because we will have 2 consecutive months of paying both a mortgage and rent in our apartment (horrible right?  Timing never works out with these things).  So needless to say, both my grocery budget and my creativity will be VERY limited.  Since getting married I have always enjoyed a pretty much budget-less grocery shopping experience and have been able to experiment a lot with things that may be just a bit too expensive (everything at Whole Foods?), and I will be getting used to really cutting back.  I am confident that I will still be able to be healthy and have satisfying foods fill my belly though 🙂

Stephen and I enjoyed quite the Saturday.  Stephen is a huge Honda enthusiast and with Spring weather comes lots of car shows.  Today there was a Honda show at UCONN that was hosted by the UCONN Car Club.  Basically, you pay 10 bucks to enter your car and park in a large parking lots with about 100 other Hondas.  Everyone walks around the parking lots picking their favorites and vote on them.  You get to meet a ton of people and basically just talk about cars all day.  I knew Stephen knew a lot of about cars, but I never imagined he was THIS knowledgable.  It was so cool to see him out there, in his element, talking about all the work he has done on her precious Civic.  I was a proud wifey today 🙂

I am off to bed!!  A 7 mile run is planned for tomorrow morning on the Canal Trails!!