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Blogging for the Better by Katie
April 8, 2010, 10:32 pm
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Before my little hiatus due to surgery and especially now that my eating is a bit limited, I’ve pondered what to do with my space here on Two Lives.  I feel compelled to do the here-is-what-I-ate format because that’s what I initially loved about the blogs I found. But now… I’m not so sure.  Obviously, no one is stopping me from changing it up but I wanted to at least think about my options and fill any readers in.

Something that really got me thinking was Rachel’s guest post on Nutritionista. Her blog is so relatable (okay maybe not for everyone but I like), funny, and I never get bored with it.  I took her points to heart because frankly, I’ve been bored with myself on my own blog space!   I’m pretty sure my writing lacks my personality- I know for a fact I tell better stories in person.  But I love connecting with people and I’m a huge fan of food and drink so that’s why I wanted to blog about it. See- food; happy.


A typical day at work starts with me being semi-productive, then checking NYTimes Health articles/reading comments, then looking at my Google reader, clicking all over on new links, reading away, thinking deep food thoughts, getting back to work, and repeat. Then I come home, throw together some dinner, drink some wine, and read blogs/magazines/more articles.  What I’m getting at is I read some pretty interesting stuff all day and really want to talk about it!  But then I blog away about my food for the day and I’m like “maybe tomorrow, this wine made me tired.”

With a science nerd background, the whole science-y side of nutrition and how what we eat is digested and processed and all that is so appealing and I want to tell people about it!    My research is public health related so the awesome thing is I’m pretty sure I know what I want to go into- public health education or clinical research.  So why not blog about what I’m passionate about? Duh!

When I started to read blogs, I loved the here is what I eat everyday format because I was just coming off calorie counting which made me crazy, just ask my boyfriend, and trying to just eat when I was hungry/ stop when I was full.  Not like I straight-up copied what they were eating but it sure set a good example. However, I’m just not that creative.

Let’s face the facts- in 2 months I will: submit a paper for publishing, finish a thesis project, write about said project, defend a thesis about said project, train for a marathon, complete a marathon, pack up my apartment, and probably 2 months to date, I’ll be driving cross-country to wherever I have a job (or more likely, home).  My non-creative meals are just going to get less creative. Soup, pasta, salad, cereal, cleaning out the cupboards.  I like cooking but a girl can only have so many hobbies at once.

Allllllll this being said, I’m going to just go on the fly and see what happens.  I envision something involving pretty pictures of new recipe trials and some old loves, interesting articles and maybe some science nerd descriptions of why it’s cool, more personality, with some marathon training thrown in. It might make blogging more challenging but hopefully it’ll make it better!  Now, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and let me know if you have any thoughts! 🙂

Speaking of new things, instead of oatmeal or eggs, I made a smoothie this AM.  There were some mushy strawberries I would have gagged on eating so they were perfect smoothie material.



  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Almond milk
  • Frozen blubes
  • Few frozen cherries

I ate some toast too, for something to chew on.

Dinner turned out SO well too, though I just poured a bit of olive oil in a pan, added crushed garlic, leftover broc, and leftover pasta.  Once everything was warm and evenly coated I dove in (that’s what he said?).  Simple goodness. Even better- the olive oil and a sprinkle of cheese didn’t bother the old adjusting liver (it takes over for the GB).


I just looked at the smoothie pics and remembered I froze a portion this AM. Time for dessert!