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Bitter Eggplant Fail by Katie
April 7, 2010, 11:14 pm
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Before anything else, let’s start out with a good laugh.  Since I haven’t taken any drugs for pain in a few days and was prepping a pasta dish, I decided to buy some wine.  I went to pay and naturally I was carded (want another laugh? John and I were carded at the movies as juniors in college).  The guy looks at my ID and responds “This says ‘96.”  Caught off guard, I replied that no, it definitely says ‘86.  Again he tells me he sees ‘96.  I point out that if it says ‘96 then I would be 13.  Finally he blundered an “oh true oh ok”… and let me through.   Getting carded will be more flattering the older I get but 13?!!

Anyway, I came back home to eggplant I had salted and left in a strainer.   I can’t believe how long it took me to find out salting it would remove the bitter flavor.

I steamed/sauteed/something-ed the eggplant on the stove with a little water. Then added a chopped portabella mushroom and (smaller than usual) jar of sauce.


The sauce was good…

IMG_1300 IMG_1299

But the eggplant…. terrible!! So, so bitter.  I really want to like eggplant but almost every time I make it, it is terrible.  Any suggestions on picking out a ripe one or cooking techniques?

I scooped a big serving of veggies and sauce over whole wheat pasta and topped it off with the lowest fat ricotta I could find.  It looked and smelled delicious but everything tasted “off.”  I attempted to pick out the bitter eggplant but the whole sauce was tainted with bitterness.


I was able to force some down and though I hate wasting, I could not stomach it.  I’m going to research if there is anything I could do to make this better tomorrow, as there are a ton of leftovers.

Since that didn’t work out, I mixed together a homemade dressing with about 1 Tbsp white wine vinegar, Italian spices, sea salt, juice of a 1/4 lemon, and a splash of oil.  It was tangy, but in a good way- not like the eggplant!


Over spinach, romaine, and half of a huge heirloom tomato.


I was surprisingly satisfied after that and decided to wait and see what else sounded good.  Well… something is not agreeing with my stomach. Sigh.

Earlier today, I tried some delicious new products I picked up.


This black bean hummus!?  Current favorite food! It’s made in Denver so it might not be available everywhere but I’m sure it could be recreated. Oh my, like black bean dip but ultra creamy and sort of spicy.  I dipped some cool, crisp cucumbers in it.


After sampling this bread in Whole Foods, I was easily sold.  It’s usually $7.99 but it was on sale for $4 off!  Half price for some really yummy cinnamon bread!  Doesn’t it look like french toast?  Ideas…


Greenlee’s Bakery:


Other eats today were less exciting- things like oatmeal, yogurt, leftovers, not picture worthy.  Okay actually I think this is a good picture of a wheat English muffin with Heather’s jam.


Makes me want to eat another one.

This morning, I went back to the office and I was struggling.  I was tired, out of sync with my work, sore, whine whine whine.  I left early and tried to nap while thinking of all the things I need to do in the next two months- finish, edit, and defend a thesis; figure out how to make my body happy without a gall bladder; get back into training and run a marathon; move; find a job; make the blog better… ayiyiy.

After my little nap, I woke up feeling renewed and decided to make a little bit of a plan.  For now while I’m out of running, I’m going to put extra time into my school work and job searching.

I’m thankful for the 300+ days of Colorodo sunshine.  There is something about the sun shining that makes the day seem so much better!


Do you think weather has an impact on your mood?  Did anyone see SVU tonight? Ultra creepy doctor lady!