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Where the hell is Kelli? by Kelli
April 4, 2010, 9:25 am
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Hey blog world!  I have been MIA our here in cyber space for about a week now.  I honestly have no been reading OR writing blogs.  Kind of crazy.  Maybe my mind just needed a break?  Not sure.  It was a nice break but I am back 🙂  But there is a lot to update you on…

1.  House party at Bucknell was fantastic.  A lot of Stephen’s fraternity brothers came back on campus and we had a  lot of fun 🙂  Unfortunately, during a very rowdy dance party session my camera fell out of my pocket and broke a little 😦  Boo!!  On top of that, we got home and Stephen’s computers hard drive was FRIED so I couldn’t even up load the pictures I took before the epic fall.  HORRIBLE!  Don’t worry, we will be up and running soon.

2.  We have finally settled on a the terms for the results of the home inspection with the sellers of our house.  The only thing left to do is close 🙂  oh, and pack.

3.  I ran a 1/4 marathon yesterday!  Reid and I ran the Greater Hartford Quarter Marathon at the West Hartford resevoir yesterday.  It was an absolutely beautiful run along the resevoir.  The course was pretty hard, with winding hills and lots of ups and downs.  This was was no where near as hard as what Meaghann did yesterday!!  Still very hard and very rewarding 🙂

4. Marathon training is HARD.  I am starting to have lots of negative thoughts during my weekly runs.  They are similar to “Why are you doing this?  You can’t run a marathon.” I feel like such a negative nancy during these runs, and its really starting to take a toll on my mental toughness during my runs.  Has anyone out there ever experienced this?? How did you get past it?  It is such a block for me right now.

Well thats about it!  I will post pics from the race as soon as we pick up Stephen’s computer!!  Today we are heading to Stephen’s grandparents to celebrate Will’s first Easter and Stephen’s Mom’s birthday 🙂