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Up With the Vegetables by Katie
March 26, 2010, 10:24 pm
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I made good on my mini goal of eating more variety today. It certainly helped that my cold had all but disappeared.  Breakfast included broccoli, tomatoes, and artichokes scrambled in 2 eggs.


For a packed lunch, I pulled all the vegetables out of my fridge to assess. After tossing together lettuce, tomatoes, artichokes, and cucumbers, the cupboards were opened.  Tuna! Perfect.  I bought this on sale, and just read the can this morning.  I like it.



I did open it and think “this looks interesting…” but it looked fine once it was flaked on a salad.


There was some pineapple snackage all afternoon and a piece of toast before heading to Denver.


John and I went to have one beer at Breckinridge Brewery for happy hour.  I usually don’t have any drinks on Friday night since starting marathon training but it was early and well, I felt better than I had all week so I did.


I suggested making dinner but we ended up going out to Limon.  I do not recommend it.  I ordered what I pictured (based on the description) would be a creamy risotto full of mushrooms and spinach but what I got was a really small side-dish sized serving of quinoa with spinach and a few goat cheese crumbles. It was bland and barely filled me up.

John had a beef dish that was spicy but not flavorful.  He was disappointed that what looked like lots of beef pieces were actually potatoes (everything was covered in a sauce).

Since dinner didn’t fill me up, I made a snack of Greek yogurt, AB, and bananas.  Unfortunately, the yogurt tasted “off” though it is not spoiled- maybe just my taste buds?


Now we’re watching Julie and Julia and I couldn’t be more excited!  I’m blogging while watching Julie type on her blog. She just got her first comment- always such an exciting moment. Ah! Time to go pay attention since I already got told “You can’t blog while watching a movie about blogging!!” 🙂

Life… by Kelli
March 26, 2010, 5:57 am
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Hey all!  Wow, life has been a whirl wind this week!  After being super sick on Monday, I feel like I have been playing catch up all week.  We did so many things for the home buying process this week!  Home inspection (which revealed some things we were NOT expecting) and signing the mortgage papers.  Wow.  I have found that when life gets this busy I really feel my anxiety creeping up on me.  I know I have to take this process one piece at a time and not get over whelmed, but its do easy to think of EVERYTHING that needs to get done (PACKING!  MARATHON TRAINING!  EEK!) and just totally freak out.  One way I try o calm myself is by attempting to maximize my useable hours in the day, ie: waking up at 5:30 and getting my workout done in the morning.  So that is what I have been doing…

Yesterday I packed up all my food for the day and headed to Golds for a morning run and elliptical session.  Before leaving I made a green monster to have at my desk later

Lunch was left over cold shrimp stir fry with Goddess dressing

I added some cucumbers and yellow peppers to the stir fry, which gave the left overs a nice crunch.

Tonight we are heading to PA for a weekend visit.  One of my friends from high school is getting married and her bridal shower is this weekend.  It is also House Party weekend at Bucknell!  Woohoo!  We will definitely be making an appearance at that wonderful celebration 🙂