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Feeling Alive Again :) by Kelli
March 24, 2010, 8:32 pm
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I CAN BREATH!!!  I woke up this morning and did not need meds or nasal spray!  ITS A MIRACLE!  And I had an appetite!  Since I have yet to grocery shop this week and did not have the ingredients for a green monster, I dove right into a bowl of cereal.

Kashi Go Lean with soy milk and blue berries.  It definitely hit the spot.  But when I was done I was still hungry (not surprising after basically living off of dry cereal and pickles the last few days) so I grabbed a honey flavored Oiko’s on my way out the door and put some more Kashi on top of it.  I enjoyed that lovely snackie while checking approximately 1 million emails (seriously, my clients don’t sleep).

Today we signed our mortgage papers!  So scary, but also good.  We locked into an EXCELLENT rate and will start paying on June 1st.  EEK!  We are crossing things off the “Moving To Do List” left and right and it sure feels good.  Slightly scary, but I’m dealing with it.

For lunch I met Stephen at the Pickles Deli I visited last week and had a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce and tomato.  Unfortunately there is no picture because I was too busy signing my name a million times and dating a million different highlighted lines.  By the time we were done I’m surprised I didn’t have carpel tunnel.  But the good news is we are one step closer to our house!

After work I was really excited to get a work out in.  I haven’t done anything active since my race on Saturday because I was so sick.  I did a 30 minute speed workout and it felt GOOD.  I warmed up with a 5 minute brisk walk at 4.2 mph at a 2.0 incline.  I then would sprint for 1 minute, and go back down to the brisk walk for 1.5 minutes.  I did these intervals for 30 minutes and felt great.  I followed this with an arm workout.

I came home and the husband had made this lovely creation…

Shrimp stir fry with brocoli, snap peas, zucchini, and some yellow pepper.  Amazing 🙂  We are off to tackle the long list of Move To Do’s!

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