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The Holyoke St. Patricks Day 10K Race by Kelli
March 23, 2010, 8:38 pm
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This past Saturday I ran the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day 10K!  It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately it was not a very good race for me.  What I thought was allergies was actually a really bad cold coming on.  I couldn’t figure out why my body felt SO heavy and weak.  My nose was Very stuffy and really prevented proper breathing!  The race went a little like this…

Mile 1: Uphill.  Bobbing and weaving.  So many people cheering us on!  But wait, can’t breathe.

Mile 2: More uphill.  Cant breathe!!  Water stop!!!  Trying to drink water while running with a stuffy nose is basically the same as drowning. FAIL

Mile 3: Turning a corner by the Holyoke Credit Union “Yes!  I’m almost halfway!  woohoo!” .  As I turn the corner all I see is a massive hill.  and I want to cry.

Mile 4: I made it to the top of that f*cking hill.  That was horrible!  I CANT BREATH!  Oh wait, I think I’m on flat ground…  YES!  I AM ON FLAT GROUND!  YES!!!


Mile 6: My time is going to suck, I still cant breath, but at least I’m going to finish

Mile 6.2: MADE IT!

Next year for this race I will definitely do hill workouts before hand!!


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one of my friends was complaining about the hills (Because my school = flat!) and i was like…it’s west mass! hahaha

congrats and awesome job 🙂

Comment by marathonmaiden

omg the description of your run sounds like mine on sunday. how did you manage to breathe while dealing with the hills? i eventually broke down and had to walk 😦

Comment by Cassie

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