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Signs of Spring by Katie
March 18, 2010, 10:01 pm
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Okay dudes and dudettes, I can’t stay for very long.  I’m thisclose to finishing Omnivore’s Dilemma- the last bits debating if we should be vegetarian or not and the hunting are not my favorite parts.

Here we go- mushrooms, spinach, leftover red potato and eggs.  And Irish soda bread.  Frozen bread is much harder to slice and impossible to pull pieces off of it every 5 minutes.



For lunch, I had a Mayan Harvest Bake.  I don’t love relying on frozen food often but I felt a bit better reading on Peanut Butter Fingers that it was the #1 most healthy frozen entree (rated by WebMD)!


I had this Siggi’s about 2 hours later.  It might be healthy, but Mayan Harvest Bake isn’t huge.  The first flavor I thought of upon tasting this Pomegrante and Passion Fruit Siggi’s was actually grapefruit.  Tangy and citrusy.

After work, I snacked on leftover carrots and tomato soup.  Random but veggieful.


Springtime!  Until tonight, when a blizzard hits.




My Achille’s tendon is feeling all better so I tested it out on the elliptical- a whole 50 minutes pain-free!  Right next to the gym there is a Chipotle and I stopped there for dinner.  I was so hungry, it really hit the spot.  Guac was added at home for extra deliciousness.


I’m going to stay up later than usual and eat a bedtime snack because I can’t eat after midnight for some medical work tomorrow.  Missing breakfast is the worst meal ever to miss (in my opinion) but hopefully it is for the better in the long run!

If you had to eat a frozen entree, what is your favorite?