Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Conquer the World by Kelli
March 17, 2010, 2:08 pm
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Hey bloggies!  Yes, I am blogging at work.  Something I NEVER ever do, but I actually have some time today.  I am in a super mood today, bloggies.  After yesterdays midnight panic session I started to think a lot about my life and my goals.  I’m not perfect and need to stop trying to be perfect in everthing from my job to my workouts schedule to my marriage.  Sometimes people have doubts about a decision.  We are human, and humans are allowed to have a few seconds of irrational doubt.  Marriage is hard.  But no matter how hard it is I take comfort in knowing that at the end of everyday HE is the one I want to be with, eat dinner with, share a bed and a life with.  Marathon training can suck at times.  Lets be honest, even if you love to run there are days when lacing up those sneakers can be the hardest thing in the world.  Sometimes life gets in the way of training and getting our hair cut while drinking champagne with a good friend just FEELS better than running 5 miles.

Thepoint is that life throws us some pretty crazy situations.  They might be hard or easy to deal with.  No matter what they are we ave a choice about how we react to them.  I chose to be happy and excited about my life and I cant wait to see whats next!

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