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My First St. Pat’s Corned Beef and Cabbage by Katie
March 17, 2010, 10:57 pm
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After 3 days of barely having an appetite, I [probably more than] made up for it today.   My bowl of oats was smaller than usual and topped with some granola and PB & J.   What a fun twist on a classic.


I didn’t bring my camera to lunch- a sandwich and beer in St. Pat’s celebration.  Lunchtime beer is such a mistake, I was so sleepy after that.   The 70* weather was gorgeous though!!

After working, I stopped at Great Harvest for (still warm) Irish Soda Bread.  After eating way too many “just one more piece” pieces I finally froze the rest of the bread.  Fresh bread is so hard to resist!


Too bad it wasn’t that filling.  Since dinner wouldn’t be ready until at least 7, I snacked on the rest of my Noosa, adding some protein granola and PB for extra staying power.



For dinner, I made corned beef and cabbage of course.  This was my first attempt away from home and it turned out okay.  Matt and Jorge seemed to really like it but it wasn’t like my moms ;).

After rubbing the (2.5 lb) corned beef with some brown sugar, I covered it in 8 oz. of Guinness + some extra water + foil.  This is how we made it over the weekend and it is goooood.


When I pulled it out of the oven to check it out after 2.5 hours (at 300*), the Guinness and carmelized sugar scents were prominent.  If it wasn’t also filled with fatty bubbles, I may have eaten a spoonful of the “sauce.” Okay, I definitely just grossed out some vegetarians somewhere.   Here are some veggies to make up for it.  I used a little of the roasting juices and more Guinness.  After an hour at 250*, the vegetables were not softened so I put them into a saucepan to boil.



Finished product- tender and juicy:


After dinner, I had a bit of Coconut Milk cookie dough ice cream.  I really do not like how prominent the coconut flavor is but unless it’s spoiled or really inedible, I refuse to throw it out. This pint has taken me more than a month to eat- that’s a first.

Did you eat any Irish foods or drinks tonight?! If you didn’t see the recaps by Kelli and I, most of my celebrating took place this weekend with my family.

Conquer the World by Kelli
March 17, 2010, 2:08 pm
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Hey bloggies!  Yes, I am blogging at work.  Something I NEVER ever do, but I actually have some time today.  I am in a super mood today, bloggies.  After yesterdays midnight panic session I started to think a lot about my life and my goals.  I’m not perfect and need to stop trying to be perfect in everthing from my job to my workouts schedule to my marriage.  Sometimes people have doubts about a decision.  We are human, and humans are allowed to have a few seconds of irrational doubt.  Marriage is hard.  But no matter how hard it is I take comfort in knowing that at the end of everyday HE is the one I want to be with, eat dinner with, share a bed and a life with.  Marathon training can suck at times.  Lets be honest, even if you love to run there are days when lacing up those sneakers can be the hardest thing in the world.  Sometimes life gets in the way of training and getting our hair cut while drinking champagne with a good friend just FEELS better than running 5 miles.

Thepoint is that life throws us some pretty crazy situations.  They might be hard or easy to deal with.  No matter what they are we ave a choice about how we react to them.  I chose to be happy and excited about my life and I cant wait to see whats next!

5 inches later… by Kelli
March 17, 2010, 5:52 am
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Hey all!  Thank you for all your sweet comments to my small melt down yesterday.  I have been kind of reflective on some things I want to change about myself lately (not being so messy, be more organized, etc.) and have been pretty negative about myself.  I really need to stop that and realize that even if I am not the most organized person in the world it does not make me a failure as a woman or a wife.

Work was ok yesterday.  Just an off day because I got such little sleep.  Needless to say I did not go on my planned morning run.  When lunch came around it was a welcome break.

Look familiar?  I have been on a veggie sandwich kick lately.   I love it because there are plenty of veggies, crunchy bread, and cheese!  Really, what else do you need?!?!

I was looking forward to leaving work yesterday for 2 reasons….

  1. The weather was GORGEOUS!

Yes that says 55*!!!  And yes that also says I have 5 miles until I run out of gas.  I was on my way to the gas station after work when I shot this!

2.  I was getting a hair cut!  When I worked at Healthtrax I met a great friend, Eric.  Eric lives with his incredibly talented and hilarious boyfriend, Adam.  Adam is an amazing hair dresser and at this point he is the only person I would trust with my hair.  I brought a bottle of champagne with me and we had the best time just chatting and sipping.  He cut off almost 5 inches!!!  I have wanted to go shorter for a while and knew Adam was the one to trust with this task .

Adam with all the hair!

The finished product!  I will post more pics later when I style it this morning.  I really want to show off the back.  The layers are amazing.  Thank you, Adam!