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Grown-Up Grilled Cheese and Pollan by Katie
March 16, 2010, 11:25 pm
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I’ve been pretty MIA around here, huh?  After a visit home and being surrounded by friends and family, I’m always a little withdrawn, reflective, and sad.   However, it took moving so far away to really realize how much I value home!!  Once I’m done with school, I’m really hoping to find a job within driving distance of my family (or to live at home for awhile if I don’t have a job ;)).

My last supper at home- Dubliner made with stout (so creamy), pierogies boiled and then browned in butter and onions, chicken sausage from the farmer’s market, & spinach.

Unrelated to that, my appetite has been bizarrely low due to some digestive system issues that will hopefully be figured out this week.  On top of that, I either strained a muscle or irritated a tendon in my left leg so I’m taking it easy on the training front.  All in all, that makes for some boring blogging!

In better news, I am making my way through The Omnivore’s Dilemma and it is blowing my mind!  I’ve read smaller articles and some of In Defense of Food (a vegan guy let me borrow it once while we were on a 5 hour train ride, and gave me a delicious vegan blueberry muffin too. How’s that for subtle convincing?) which had piqued my interest.   My book appetite is voracious and once I start reading a book, I almost don’t stop until it’s done.  So since I usually don’t have a whole day to my leisure, I don’t read many books anymore.  A full post on that is in the works.

Tonight, while I sat reading some more I snacked on this new yogurt I found. I realized it was made locally with local milk and everything! Yay, Pollan would be proud.. and I am too!

You can see how thick and creamy it is.  The honey variety was lightly sweetened and was thicker than plain yogurt but less tangy than Greek yogurt or Siggi’s.  I would definitely buy it again.

For dinner, I kept it simple- grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Well, grilled gouda cheese + fresh basil (local) + tomatoes.

I tried to have a Girl Scout cookie for dessert but it tasted “off” :(. I don’t like when my appetite is low and weird!  Well, off to read more Pollan!!!

Can’t Sleep! by Kelli
March 16, 2010, 1:54 am
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OH MY F’ING GOD! I cannot sleep. I went to bed at 9:45PM and was really ready for a good nights rest before my 5:30 AM run. 3 hours later I woke up with a start, sweating, and with my mind racing. That was almost 2 hours ago and I have yet to fall back into a slumber. There are just so many things on my mind right now and SO many things to think about slash have major freak outs over. Here is the main one…WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE. Am I really ready for this? At 24 am I really ready to sign my soul away in the form of a 30 year mortgage? Is my head going to explode at the very thought of packing up my entire apartment when we have moved 3 other times over the past year and a half?

Lately my brain has not been able to escape one single negative thought. As I was driving my very long drive home yesterday I started to consider everything that could go wrong in my life. Doesn’t that sound so stupid? Who spends a 5 hour car drive listing things that could go wrong. I kept telling myself I was being ridiculous but my mind had other plans and I literally could not stop. I have had issues with anxiety in the past and I think this is a big sign that they are starting to crop up again. The thing is, I really love my life and where it is going. At least I think I do, what if I just love the idea of my life? What if I just love the idea of a house and kids and the whole picket fence deal, but it’s really not for me? What if I can’t hack it and run away screaming? What if I was meant to do something besides accounting and owning a house? What if one of us loses our job again and we are locked into a 30 F’ING YEAR mortgage? What if I really don’t like being an adult??

…but what if I end up being insanely happy and love everything I have worked so damn hard for? Ugh. I need to sleep.

Any advice on what I am going through right now would be helpful. Have any home owners or adults in general been scared shitless at 3AM at how fast life moves sometimes?