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Home For The Holidays by Katie
March 11, 2010, 7:27 pm
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When it comes down to sleeping or blogging, sleeping is [almost] always going to win.  Last night I worked late, packed late, ran late (but at a happy pace), ate late, but finally went to bed on time!

This morning, I hopped on out of bed at 4 AM to catch my 6:15 flight.  That’s also when I realized John’s roommate’s dogs ate my bread so I grabbed a bagel on the way to my gate. The cream cheese was SO GROSS and like frosting!  Nothing against frosting, but at 5:30 AM? No.

With 20 minutes between flights, I grabbed a turkey sandwich at Au Bon Pain that was just okay.  My appetite gets so confused when I travel.


After a lovely welcome of 60* weather, sunshine (VERY unusual for early March in Rochester) , and my mom, I immediately headed out on a hilly run.  The initial 9 minute mile pace went to all heck after a huge hill. My left calf tensed up worse than ever before and caused shooting, prickling pain up my leg.  Always on the injury defensive. I walked/slow jogged home.  All in all, 4 miles in 45 minutes isn’t a bad workout at all, and lots of stretching later, it’s feeling okay.

Post-run salad with mozz.  My mom makes the best salad, I must learn.


Here are some signs that it’s family holiday time:











So very excited for a weekend of family, friends, running, parades, food, and what looks like is going to be good weather.

And this guy- McShultz!  He has a shamrock shaped spot on his butt! I’ll get a picture eventually but right now he is too hyper to get a good one.