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Canyon Chop House by Katie
March 9, 2010, 11:28 pm
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I meant to mention last time that I was glad to hear we all have our crying moments.  Since being over-tired and stressed bring out the waterworks, I would basically be the worst mom. The kids would be crying, I’d be crying….

Anyway, breakfast today was a 2-egg and laughing cow breakfast sandwich.  If you haven’t bought any Great Harvest bread, I would suggest you Google a location near you.  Such good flavor and a nice simple ingredient list.  Oh, and that Minneola in the background.


I scrounged around the fridge for a simple lunch of a sundried tomato hummus, avocado, and tomato wrap.  Simple but it was surprisingly substantial.


Post-work, I had one of those runs that just happens with all the factors aligning- hit a pace right away, no sore spots, good music randomly popping onto my iPod, sunny weather.  My pace was spot on a nine-minute mile for all 5.6 miles (my training plan is based on time, so 50 minutes).  I don’t think I once saw anything outside of the range 8:45-9:15 on the Garmin.  Since pacing is a weak spot for me, naturally keeping in a tight range allowed me to enjoy the scenery and the run in general.  Anyway, now I feel like I’m bragging… but after 2 days of feeling lousy, this was a nice change of pace (pun intended) ;).

Dinner was my last feast out for Fort Collins Great Plates Restaurant week.   The Canyon Chop House had a cozy inside, which I didn’t expect for the exterior.  Our waitress seemed a bit annoyed with us from the get-go and the service wasn’t spectacular, although the company made up for it.

To start- frisse + yellow heirloom tomato + bacon crumbles + heart of palm in a green goddess dressing.  Once heirloom tomatoes are in season, I definitely want to repeat this at home.  Behind the salad is a warm and chewy piece of sourdough bread (served by a good looking young gentleman I might add).


For an entree, I had a (very well) marinated flank steak with greens and fries.  The greens were garlicy and I think included chard and escarole, based on the taste and color.  Very much my style.  All of the food tasted just as expected or better, though I ran out of tummy space for all the fries.


And when I say “ran out of tummy space” I mean that dessert was coming.  Vanilla bean crème Brule- which was as good as it sounds.  Creamy with bean flecks and a thin, crisp top.


Thank my roommate for reminding me to even take pictures! I was all ready to dig into my salad when he yelled out “PICTURE!!”  The camera usually is the last thing on my mind when delicious food is set down in front of me, but with friends like Matt, this blog happens :).

Do you feel comfortable taking pictures in restaurants? I’m definitely getting better but at times it feels very unnatural.

Home Sweet Home by Kelli
March 9, 2010, 9:00 pm
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Hey all!  I hope you had a lovely Tuesday 🙂  Mine started by sleeping late (I have found I need a lot more sleep as I add more mileage to my training) and having some oatmeal at my desk as I read my MILLIONS of emails.  A lot of my clients are in differenct time zones so I am always greeted with plenty of work in the morning 🙂

Lunch was a green monster that I made in the morning and took with me to my desk.  And my snack today was carrots and hummus.  Ugh, I wish I had the chance to take pics today at my desk.  I have found that taking pics of food at work is a crap shoot.  If it is a day like today when I am on the phone contantly and taking random bites at different times (sips?) then I really can’t take a pic.  So sorry bloggies 🙂

After work I headed to Golds for a 5 mile run.  My legs were really heavy today and I considered stopping several times.  I always told myself it was ok to stop and go home to make dinner, and I think knowing that I could helped me continue.  Its like when you know you CAN have that last cookie, but you don’t NEED it.  I could have stopped, but I really did not need to or want to.  I made it to the end a little slower than normal (avg of a 12 minute mile) but at least I made it 🙂

When I got home Stephen had made dinner!  I made his beef concoction into a wrap on a whole wheat wrap with avocado and laughing cow cheese.  Twas delish 🙂

I have good news!  Tomorrow we will be putting an offer in on the house we saw last night!  We had all our questions answered by the current owners are we are ready to pursue an offer!  I CANNOT WAIT!  I am really getting emotionally invested in this house!  Tomorrow we are signing the offer and putting in the initial deposit!!

Now I am busy writing Thank You notes for Team In Training!  I feel like I am writing wedding thank you notes all over again!!  Good night all!!

Gorgeous Weather! *updated with pictures!* by Kelli
March 9, 2010, 4:04 pm
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Hey all!  So sorry I did not have time to post this weekend!  Unfortunately I did not take many pictures either.  Since you are not allowed to take pictures while house hunting I often forget to take it with me on the Saturdays that we are with our realtor.  Speaking of house hunting, I have good news!  We found a house!  We are working on putting an offer in this week.  We are SO excited about this house!  It is a 2 story dormered cape style house on a really cute street.  This house has TONS of space and was kept immaculate by the people who lived there.  The house was built in the 40’s so it has a lot of charm 🙂 All the things that worry me about a house built in the 40’s (electrical, energy efficient windows, efficient heating and cooling methods, etc.) have all been updated.  The electrical is up to code, the windows are new, the switched the natural gas a few years ago, and have central air conditioning!  The kitchen is also adorable (I need to add my own touches 🙂 ).  I’ll keep you updated on this process 🙂

Saturday morning I wanted to run the Windsor Locks Canal trail for my long run since the weather was incredible.

Unfortuantely I got about a 1/4 mile into my 10 mile run when I hit a big closed and locked gate that said the trail was closed until April 1st in order to protect the wild life that live along the trail.  I was dissappointed 😦  Since there are not many other places to run outside where we currently live (busy road with no shoulder and limited and sidewalks) unless you want to run back and forth on one little section of sidewalk, I had to run my 10 miles on a treadmile!  Horrible!  Luckily E! News and the Kardashians were on 🙂  Nothing makes 10 miles go by faster than some juicy celeb gossip 🙂

Saturday night we went out to dinner right after house hunting with a bunch of family.  A lot of Stephen’s relative’s were in town for Elizabeth’s baby shower the next day.  It was very fun, but unfortuantely there were no pics taken 😦

Sunday was Elizabeth’s baby shower!  It was so much fun!  The food was excellent, and the cute little blue martini’s (since she is having a boy!) were to die for!  Elizabeth got lots of adorable clothes for the little guy and some very cute toys and stuffed animals.  Unfortunately we did have a bit of an emergency during the shower.  An elderly woman who was there was complaining of a cramp in her leg and then lost consiousness.  911 was called and it was all very scary.  Luckily we heard from her family that she seems to be ok, although the doctors are not sure why she passed out.  Besides that scary moment, the shower was a big success 🙂

Before the shower I enjoyed a breakfast burrito 🙂

Two eggs, One egg white, tomato, avocado, onion, spinach, and cheddar cheese.

Below are some pictures from the shower 🙂

Jordan almonds with little baby booties on them!

The cake!!

The table who won the baby songs game!  Posing with their prizes!!!

I am off to work!  Then to Gold’s for a 5 mile run!  I really cannot wait until it is light out past 7 or so and for the trail to be open so I can run outside after work!