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A Bar Crawl and Intuitive Spending? by Katie
March 8, 2010, 10:15 pm
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Sunday was a gorgeous day, and with nice days comes ice cream cravings!  I’ve been following Sweet Action Ice Cream on Twitter and drooling over their tweets that usually look like this:

“Dark rum raisin, white choco cinnamon, lemon sorbet, grapefruit sorbet, chai, pb&j cupcake, vegan choc brownie, vegan cookies&cream…”

John had ESB (English Style Beer) Oreo in a cone and I tried a little bit of Stranahan’s Whiskey Brickle & PB&J cupcake!  All the flavors were good, and the flavors were all very evident but well mixed.  The ESB and oreo worked well together, as did PB&J in ice cream.

IMG_0587 IMG_0588

After a nice walk, we got in the car only to realize it was already 4, and we were supposed to be at a Team in Training fundraising bar crawl at 5. Whoops! After a quick trip back to John’s to change, we headed back over to the Broadway area.  The Pub Crawl included

  • The Hornet
  • Dougherty’s
  • The Irish Rover
  • 3 Kings

Here are a few highlights… as the night progressed.





I took a lot more pictures, but I’ve been using my camera mainly for food so I wasn’t used to indoor shots, especially in bars with quickly moving drunk people ;).  How RIDICULOUS is that guy’s tattoo!?

Initially, the plan was that I wouldn’t have any drinks and drive us home, but after the first bar, I decided to move my car somwhere it could stay overnight “just in case.”  It was a smart decision, since Dougherty’s donated Jameson shots! YUM.  Getting ready for St. Patrick’s day celebrations next weekend!

This morning, John left for work and got a flat tire! I didn’t get my car this AM so it ended up that I stayed at his house all day, with no car.  Unfortunately, in a house with NO food except some Great Harvest whole wheat.  I’ve had at least 3-4 slices in the last 24 hours (including this AM).


I ordered lunch from Thai Basil (there is not much in walking distance… and I was ultra lazy today)- lunch sized portion of peanut-curry chicken.  They must read the blog because it was filled with tons of veggies- red and green peppers, baby corn, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, beans, onion, asparagus.  Just like home…. almost.


After digesting lunch, I hit the road for a run.  I averaged about a 9:40 pace but really had to use every mind game in the book to keep myself going- maybe it was just the depressing gray and rainy skies.  This yummy orange was waiting for me post-run.  Anyone ever have cravings for oranges after running?!


Dinner was a yummy Chipotle burrito.  I usually go for the salads or a bowl but the real deal sounded good today.  I saved a little less than half of it and keep having a few bites here and there.


My mood all day was a bit down.  Last night was so much fun and I haven’t had a night out at the bars like that in quite awhile.  The only downside of going out is I feel so guilty the next morning about the money I spent.  Dinner out at a restaurant I never feel that bad about because even if a meal out was pricey, we did need to eat.  Spending money on beer and shots though… guilt guilt guilt.

On my run, I was thinking how I’ve learned to stop feeling guilty about food choices.  If I eat something like onion rings for dinner (last night ;)), I get over it because I know that 80-90% of the time, what I eat is balanced and has some nutritional value.  I treat my checking account more like a strict calorie-counting diet.  Jeans feeling a bit tight is kinda like when I have to dip into my savings- time to cut back a little- and I can handle tight jeans, but get seriously stressed about overspending.

What do you think- is it possible to be an “intuitive spender” or is it important to be a “calorie-counting spender”?


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Guinness, ice cream, and Chipotle…mmm…pretty much my kind of day!!

Comment by Rachel @ Shedding It

Mmm… not my best meal planning efforts but you’re right, so delish.

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

yuuuuum. waht a tasty day 🙂

i tend to either spend all my money at once or none at all. so i don’t think intuitive spending would work for me haha. well maybe it’s something i can work on!

Comment by marathonmaiden

My boyfriend is kind of an all or nothing. He likes to save for big purchases- car, flat screen TV, etc. I’m all about the everyday enjoyments.

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Fact: I also had ESB oreo ice cream from Sweet Action this weekend. 🙂 Pretty sure we should do a blogger meet up there!

Comment by Emily

Oh it was great! I just discovered the Broadway area for the first time this weekend and love it. We could easily have a fun blogger meetup there with all the awesome restaurants!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Agreed! (I actually live @ 1st & Logan–just a few blocks from Broadway, so we’re regulars at Sweet Action.)

Comment by Emily

Hey Katie, thanks for stopping by my blog to read my crude writing about peeing, etc on my runs. I talk a lot about that and other gross things. I’m not sure that the ice bath helped; I didn’t stay in very long. Great job on your 11 miler. And don’t feel bad about the money spent on booze. You’re making some great memories…I miss those days in Denver! Where do you live? (Just so I can stalk you).

Comment by ShutupandRun

I live up in Fort Collins but my boyfriend lives in Denver in an “up and coming” neighborhood near the Highlands. I spend lots of weekend time there. I’m thinking of trying an ice bath this weekend… but I’ll probably wuss out

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Hey girl…such a good post. Um pb+j with cupcake?? They did not have that when I was there! whoaaa! I like your comparison with drinking + spending. I know what you mean in both respects. I also go by the tight jean really works! I totally scarfed an orange after my workout today 😉

Comment by Ashley

i intuitive spend and calorie count eat…It’s funny how different circumstances are for different people!

Comment by Beth @fatbustermack

I’d have to say that after my bills are paid, I give myself a bit of leeway, but as a grad student it’s never too generous 😉

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

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