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Don’t Forget Your Wallet! by Katie
March 7, 2010, 1:24 pm
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So I guess I have some backtracking to do, eh?  The happy hour turned beerfest at my apartment plus going to bed 4 hours after my usual bedtime equaled a useless me on Friday.  How did I do that in college?? All day I varied between ravenous carb-monster and nauseated. Since my body was all out of whack, I tried to keep it pretty normal and energizing:

Blueberry oatmeal for breakfast,


A ton of various sauteed veggies for lunch (with peanut sauce drizzled on top).



Lunch also included a bagel at our group meeting (carb-monster!).

After work, I had planned to go to Vail (silly decision making on Thursday, I know), but there was just no way. Instead I napped.  Much later than usual, I drove down to Denver since I figured I would try to make the group run on Saturday instead.

Dinner was late and a give-in to my cravings- sketti!


I promptly fell asleep at 9:00 PM.  John and I both woke up early on Saturday- he left to go ski with friends and I debated running.  In the end, running 1 hour, 45 minutes with a group sounded much better than running it by myself a few hours later.

  • Mile 1- 9:49
  • Mile 2- 9:38
  • Mile 3- 9:54
  • Mile 4- 9:56
  • Mile 5- 9:35
  • Mile 6- 9:41
  • Mile 7- 9:42
  • Mile 8- 9:50
  • Mile 9- 9:40
  • Mile 10- 9:42
  • Mile 11- 9:20

In some sort of miraculous coincidence, the 2 other women I’ve been running with each week and I all agreed beforehand to slow it down a little today because we were all feeling less than stellar.  It was a gorgeous day for a run though and I felt great afterward.  Especially after a veggie omelet, English muffin, and orange juice.  [I’ve been craving oranges and orange juice after runs sooo much??].

Long Story Time

I laid down to ice, elevate, and rest after brunch and ended up napping for about an hour.  Then it was time to decide on plans for the evening.  John was staying with friends at Winter Park, I had planned to go hang out with a bunch of CSU friends near Breckenridge, and I felt bad about bailing on the friends in Vail the night before (that were in from out of town).  What to do??

After stressing about it and some tears (should have been a serious sign I was overtired) and a bunch of phone calls, I decided to go to Vail.  I got all my stuff together and finally got pumped about going.  The drive was gorgeous with the sun just starting to set.  Until I noticed this cop following me.  I had been going the speed limit and everything but since I’m super paranoid about getting in trouble, I started to make sure I had my insurance and all that stuff.  Who forgets their wallet and doesn’t realize it until they are HALFWAY to Vail??

Again, in tears, I got off at the next exit (turns out the cop wasn’t following me) and searched everywhere for my wallet.  Then I remembered I wore a different coat than usual this AM to run and never took my wallet out.  Without my ID or any money whatsoever, going out in Vail and having enough gas to drive back was pretty much impossible.

So after some teary phone calls (really?? Am I 5?? I get tired and cry), I headed back to Denver.  After a well-timed phone call, I enjoyed a delicious dinner at my Uncle’s house and started to doze on his couch at 8:30.  Again, I was in bed by 9:30.  Clearly I needed all this sleep.

Here we are now, Sunday morning.  I woke up terribly hungry because I definitely did not eat enough yesterday with all my sleeping and crying.  Also the reasons for no post yesterday.

I just had a smallish bagel, egg, and cheese, and I’m thinking of what to eat next.


Alright, shower time and then figuring out what to eat!